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Multicultural Resources

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Multicultural Clubs at Aquinas College

Arabic Language and Culture Club

To help others to gain insight into and enjoy the Arab culture by hosting inclusive, informational, relevant events on campus and in the community. To raise awareness over social and political issues relating to Arab people abroad as well as in the United States. Here and lastly to gain knowledge and appreciation of the Arabic language.


El Tango

The purpose of this student organization is to understand and appreciate the Argentine tango by learning about the dance and its purpose within the culture.


AQ Pride (formally the Gay Straight Alliance)

This organization’s mission is to bring inclusiveness to the Aquinas College community. 


Gender Studies Club

To raise awareness and provide accurate information to students and the community about issues pertaining to equal rights for all humanity and to raise awareness and provide accurate information about gender issues like (but not limited to) body image and gender stereotyping.


German Club


Japanese Cultural Club

The purpose of this student organization is to introduce to the community and the Aquinas Campus, the various aspects of Japanese life and culture. We will also learn about and explore Japan as open minded and genuinely interested individuals to gain a greater understanding of a long established culture and its history, and to appreciate the diversity alive and thriving within our world-wide community. Website


Klub Polski

This group's mission is to support a variety of activities and create awareness on and off campus including volunteer activities, taking trips to areas of Polish heritage and creating an interest in Polish culture.


Latin@ Student Association (L@SA)

The purpose of the Latin@ Student Association is to educate individuals in and outside of the Aquinas Campus about the Latino culture, help Latino students find their voice within the AQ community and beyond, mentor Latino youth, and promote and participate in community service throughout campus and the Grand Rapids community.


Le Club Francais

The purpose of this club is to promote learning about the French language, culture, history, and people.


Social Action Committee (SAC)

This committee promotes awareness and action about the social injustice of the times and makes known the alternatives. S.A.C. sponsors films, speakers, discussions and rallies on such critical issues as nuclear power, world hunger and world peace.


Spanish Club

The Aquinas College Spanish Club is to be a venue for students interested in Spanish language and culture. The Aquinas College Spanish Club will allow students to learn, practice, and explore Spanish through a variety of events, activities, and volunteer opportunities in the greater Grand Rapids community.


Voices Inspiring Black Students Everywhere (VIBE)

This group strives to unite and serve as the voice of the black community and show concern for the well-being and progress of black students through programming and educational opportunities.