Music at Aquinas College
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Why Study Music?

A music degree is a multi-faceted and engaging path, utilizing many learning approaches to investigate everything we recognize as Music. The great 20th Century American conductor and composer, Leonard Bernstein said “Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.” While some degrees (such as the Bachelor of Arts in Music) may be less of a singularly defined career path as others that are offered at Aquinas College (the Bachelor of Music Education and the Bachelor of Music in Liturgical Music), the nature of these studies, which encompass music theory, history and literature, performance - solo and ensembles, pedagogy and conducting, jazz and more, enables students to develop skills desired by employers today, such as self-direction, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, perseverance, communication and creativity. >Read More


$110,000 in music department scholarships have been awarded for 2018-2019. Starting in October, applications are being accepted for next year.


Faculty performances and presentations have taken place at scholarly conferences, festivals, and conventions, and in concert halls ,cathedrals, outdoor venues, clubs, and universities across the U.S. and Europe, in Guinea West Africa, Japan, and South America.


Students intern in and outside of the area with a variety of arts organizations, businesses, and churches.


Graduates are leaders in music education, music ministry, performance, jazz studies, and music business.


Aquinas is home to: two pipe organs, a 210 seat recital hall with two 9-foot concert grand pianos - Steinway and Baldwin - on stage, a recording studio,the Performing Arts Center, and 28 additional grand, upright and electronic pianos from Steinway, Schimmel, Yamaha,Boston, Roland, Korg, Kawai and Baldwin.


Music faculty members have recorded and toured extensively, and have received numerous honors including “Teacher of the Year,” “Composer of the Year,”winning two ArtPrize Jazz Awards for original compositions, silver medalist at the American Traditions Singing Competition,and multiple Grand Awards for musical theatre roles in West Michigan.

Hands On Experience

Olivia singing while looking at a music folder "I'm in almost every choir," said Olivia Vargas '18. A third-year student and liturgical music major, Vargas is the only student in the program who utilizes her voice as her primary instrument. Passionate about exploring her faith through singing, Vargas is a part of the majority of the on-campus singing groups, as well as off-campus churches and organizations. Studying to become a music director, Vargas has made a commitment to music and faith, looking to guide others in their own musical and faith journeys. >Read More