Departmental Goals and Student Learning Outcomes


Goal 1: To provide students with an understanding of and the ability to employ the common elements and organizational patterns of music and their interaction

  • Outcome 1: Student will demonstrate a thorough understanding of musical terms and notation.
  • Outcome 2: Student will be able to apply fundamental principles of rhythm and pitch to their major instrument, as well as simple rhythm and tone instruments, and in listening and sight-singing.
  • Outcome 3: Student will demonstrate ability to use current technology to prepare course assignments in music theory and history courses.
Goal 2: To provide students with a broad knowledge of the history and development of music in its cultural and social contexts
  • Outcome 1: Students will be able to distinguish between various styles of music while placing each within its cultural and historical origin.
  • Outcome 2: Student will have experiential knowledge of many diverse world musics.
Goal 3: To develop in students the skills of effective practice, rehearsal, performance and collaboration with other musicians and those under their leadership, necessary for educating, self-expression, communication, personal growth and interaction
  • Outcome 1: Through weekly class work with an MCAP Instructor or MCEN Director, the student will grow in their understanding and appreciation of the creative process.
  • Outcome 2: Student will be able to demonstrate proficiency on the piano, to be utilized during personal practice time and student teacher placements.
  • Outcome 3: Student will be able to collaborate on performance material intelligently and respectfully with student peers and professional musicians.
  • Outcome 4: Student will have developed ensemble rehearsal techniques.
  • Outcome 5: Student will be able to plan and execute individual and ensemble programs.
Goal 4: To develop in students an understanding of the fundamental workings of their instruments/ voices with the ability to verbalize that to others, and a self-confidence, while acknowledging present limitations, as strides to progress to a level of excellence in performance on the instrument/voice are made
  • Outcome 1: Student will demonstrate increased technical ability by the end of each semester of Studio Applied private lessons.
  • Outcome 2: Student will be able to use personal practice time effectively and efficiently.
Goal 5: To offer students opportunities to gain understanding and experience of possible career paths in music
  • Outcome 1: Liturgical Music majors will gain experiential knowledge of church music through their internship
  • Outcome 2: Music Education Majors will be able to prepare children in grades K-12 for a formal or informal display of musical works during their Student Teaching experience.
  • Outcome 3: Students will gain insight into the broader scope of musical careers through attendance at various clinics and master classes throughout their time of study.