Freshmen Scholarships

Students who apply for admission to the AQ/UDM Nursing Program, automatically become eligible for academic scholarships offered through UDM. Scholarship awards are based on such criteria as:

  • Academic performance
  • Activities and interests
  • ACT or SAT test results
  • Educational goals

Scholarships for freshmen students range from $10,000-$19,000

Transfer Scholarships
All of our full-time UDM/Aquinas Transfer students receive a scholarship from UDM. The Criteria used to assess the amount is determined by your transfer grade point average. Scholarships range from $3,500 - $8,000.
Alumni Scholarships
Dependent children who are alumni of UDM are eligible for an alumni scholarship of $1,000 per year, for a maximum of $4,000 over four years, when the student is enrolled full time in an undergraduate program at the University.