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Aquinas Norbert J. Hruby Emeritus Award

The Aquinas Norbert J. Hruby Emeritus Award is given as a tribute to an individual or couple in the community whose leadership, generosity and spirit of service have been sustained over the course of many years, and whose dedication to the welfare of all citizens serves as a light to guide those who follow. Each year, the recipients are honored in May at an annual gala, the Aquinas Emeritus Evening.
2015 Aquinas Norbert J. Hruby Emeritus Award

in honor of:

Bob and Judy Hooker

The 2015 Emeritus Award Dinner is scheduled for TuesdayMay 12th

Bob and Judy Hooker  

Past Aquinas Norbert J. Hruby Emeritus Award Recipients
1983 David Dyer Hunting, Sr. …†
1984 Dorothy Leonard Judd †
1985 Carl Morgenstern †
1986 James † and Audrey Sebastian
1987 William Jackson Chaille †
1988 Edward John Frey †
1989 Minor † and Mary Ann Keeler
1990 Hy Berkowitz †
1991 Peter Wege †
1992 Fred † and Bernie Keller
1993 Peter † and Pat † Cook
1994 Richard and Helen DeVos
1995 Dr. Norbert Hruby †
1996 Stuart † and Barbara † Hoffius
1997 George and Katy McAleenan
1998 Bob and Aleicia Woodrick
2000 President Gerald R. Ford †
2001 Hon. Robert A. Benson
2002 Mayor John Logie
2003 Larry and Nancy Erhardt
2004 Sr. Mary Aquinas Weber, O.P.
2005 Ella Sims
2006 Dick and Barbara Young
2007 Lyle Morrison
2008 Dan and Eunice Pfeiffer
2009 Rabbi Albert Lewis and Dr. Shirley Lewis
2010 Kate Pew Wolters and Robert C. Pew
2011 Mike and Sue Jandernoa
2012 Bert and Jan Bleke
2013 Dave and Linda Mehney
2014 Marty and Sue Allen, John and Marie Canepa, Richard† and Betty† Gillett
† Deceased