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OLLI Volunteer Opportunities

>Community Volunteer Opportunities

OLLI at Aquinas has many opportunities for volunteers. Members serve on the Board of Advisors; advise on course offerings; teach classes; perform with the OLLI Players; lead small-group discussions; organize activities, trips, and tours; coordinate lecture series; teach outreach programs in retirement and diversity centers; lead bus tours; create and support data systems; support marketing; help with events; lead biking and hiking activities; and help with the set-up of break room when needed.

Board of Advisors
OLLI members are welcome to become part of the leadership at OLLI. Serving on the Board will allow a member to contribute to the success of our program with his/her specialized talents. The Board meets four times a year: September, November, February, and May. The terms are for 3 years and members may serve for 2 consecutive terms. All members are welcome to apply to become a Board of OLLI member; however, because the Board is limited to only 18, the opportunities vary from year to year.

Curriculum Advisers
We welcome all to join us to select professors and curriculum all through the year. Members may give selected ideas to the director at any time of the year, or be a part of a committee that meets twice a year.

Teach Classes or Lead Interest Group
Many of our members have broad experiences in their careers, hobbies and travel. We welcome all members to volunteer to teach or lead a discussion/interest group.

Perform with the OLLI Players
A group of 18 – 20 members of OLLI perform 6 – 8 times a year in West Michigan, primarily at senior centers and retirement/nursing homes. The performers sing, dance, and act out hilarious skits. The OLLI Players sometimes have more fun than the audience so it is a great opportunity for a joyful experience for all.

Organize Activities, Trips, Tours
Volunteers are welcome to help in the  organization of local tours in the greater Grand Rapids area, i.e., tour a local brewery; an architectural tour of homes; visit an organic farm; tour the local chocolate factory; walk through the state-of-the-art VanAndel Institute. We also welcome members to help set up travel excursions to near-by cities like Detroit or Chicago for performances or tours.  Even European tours can be organized and planned by our members.  Volunteers may also plan activities, whether a group visit to a play or an afternoon of learning to play bridge.

Coordinate Lecture Series
Because we offer a variety of lectures on particular themes throughout the year, we welcome members to volunteer to coordinate these class offerings.

Teach Outreach Academic Classes
Academic leaders/teachers may volunteer to present classes to outside groups, i.e. retirement groups, nursing homes, and diversity centers. The classes and location of the classes must be approved by the director.

Volunteer Coordinator on Bus Tours or Excursions
Occasionally, we need volunteers to be a team leader on a bus tour or excursion. A member will keep an accounting of all students so as to avoid any difficulties or unexpected events. The good part: volunteers travel free!

If you are a member and interested in volunteering for OLLI at Aquinas, please contact Corey Boehm at 632-2430 or cm002@aquinas.edu.