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Learn to Speak Like an AQ Student

A Glossary of AQ Terminology
AB: Also known as the Academic Building. A good portion of classes are held in the classrooms in AB. The AB is also home to many faculty and staff offices, a computer lab, ITS, the mailroom, and other program offices.
Ambassadors: Aquinas’ elite group of undergraduates that work with Admissions by giving tours of Aquinas, hosting overnight prospective students, participating in AQ days, and representing the student body at formal events. Aquinas’ Student Ambassadors are the faces of Aquinas within the community and to prospective students and their families.
AMC: The Art and Music Center, also known as Kretschmer, the Art and Music Building.
AQ Cash: Money that a student can put on their ID card at Student Accounts that can be used not only at the Corner Café and the Moose Café, but at the bookstore, ITS and library as well.  AQ Cash carries over if unused at the end of each semester.
Bukowski: Also known as the Bukowski Chapel. Bukowski is the place to be on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. for traditional Catholic Mass, fellowship, and very often, free food.
CourseConnect: CourseConnect is a web-based tool which facilitates and supports online education at Aquinas College. A link can be found on the ELM Services webpage that allows a student to access the online page for their individual classes. Professors are able to upload class information and assignments to the page so that students can access them at their convenience. >>More
Dominican, Knape, Meijer, and Woodcock: Living Learning Communities for on campus residents.  Students that participate in a group together can apply to live in these houses with each other. Living in these places is a privilege.  
East Area: Residence locations on the east side of campus. East Area includes: Hruby Hall, the Apartments, Dominican Hall, Knape, Meijer, and Woodcock.
ELM: ELM, the Electronic Login Manager, is a unifying password for access to Aquinas College web resources.
Use this password for any services that proudly displays the ELM logo including email, MyAQ, CourseConnect, the on-campus Novell network and AQnet.
Flex: Money included in a student’s meal plan that allows them to make purchases at the Moose Café and the Corner Café with their student ID.  Flex does not carry over to the next semester if left unused.
Hruby: (1.) Home of Student Accounts, Admissions, the Registrar, and Financial Aid. (2.) Hruby Hall houses around 75 residents in single rooms during the school year.
Joe’s: Short for St. Joseph the Worker Hall.  Known for it’s tight knit community atmosphere, Joe’s can house around 150 students.
MyAQ: An online resource that allows students to view grades, financial information, and search for available classes. A link can be found on the ELM Services webpage. >>More
NAIA: National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics within which, Aquinas participates in Region VIII.
Novell: An on-campus network available on T.A.P. Carts, computers in the computer labs in the AB and in the Library, and in other locations around campus.
OL: Short for Orientation Leader.  Each incoming freshman will encounter at least two OLs during their freshman orientation. OLs facilitate orientation and are open to questions and concerns about life at Aquinas.
PAC: The Performing Arts Center also known as Circle Theatre or just, the theatre.
Quad: Referring to a class typically held only one night a week for four hours over the first or second eight week period of a semester. Quad classes are usually highly intensive and require extensive work outside of the classroom.
RA: Short for Resident Assistant. RAs are specially trained undergraduates that are able to assist residents is almost all aspects of residence hall living including academic, social, and personal issues.
Regina: Short for Regina Hall.  Regina is the largest residence hall on the AQ campus. Regina can house around 300 students.
Regina Bowl: Area including four basketball nets, sandpit volleyball court, and the downstairs path to Hruby Hall located behind Regina Hall.
The Corner: Short for Aquinas’ Corner Café. The Corner, along with the Moose, is the place for students to use their AQ cash, enjoy made-to-order meals, and hang out in between classes.
The Moose: (1.) Aquinas’ on-campus coffee shop, café, entertainment venue, hangout, and all around fun place to be located in the Cook Carriage House. (2.) Aquinas’ online student union. Through the Moose, students can access their Aquinas e-mail account, view activities going on in the Aquinas community, and access MyAQ.
Touchdown Mary: The large grassy area in front of Holmdene guarded by the Shrine of Our Lady.  Students can often be found playing ultimate frisbee, playing pick-up football, studying, or just basking in the sun during the warmer months at Touchdown Mary.
Wege: (1.) The Wege Student Center including the Wege cafeteria, the Corner Café, the Aquinas Bookstore, the Health Center, Academic & Learning Services, Student Support Services, the Women’s Studies office, the food service offices, the Private Dining Room, the Loutit Room, and the Wege Ballroom. (2.) Just the Wege cafeteria, as in, “Let’s go to Wege for dinner.” (3.) on-campus food, as in, “That was some tasty Wege we had for lunch!”
WHAC: Wolverine Hoosier Athletic Conference of which, Aquinas athletics are members.
Wilcox: Public park located just outside the doors of St. Joseph the Worker Hall.  Intramural flag football, ultimate frisbee, and coed softball are held in Wilcox Park.  It is also not uncommon to find students playing tennis, reading in the sun, or playing on the playground during the warmer months.