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Philosophy Club
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The Aquinas College Philosophy Club (AQPC) underwent a significant revamp in early 2011 when the defunct club was re-founded and reformed. Starting from a small base of just four to five students, the club rapidly grew over the 2011-2013 period, attracting many students interested in philosophy. Since then, our numbers have reached upwards of twenty students, and we hope to keep growing.


In those three years, the AQPC has hosted multiple series with various guest speakers, including our popular “Philosophy of Religion” series, which lasted for two months in 2011-12, and featured religious and philosophical leaders from around West Michigan.


We have also hosted multiple panel discussions on various topics (including religion and death). These panels featured professors and experts in various fields, and have seen excellent student turnouts.

Philosophy Club Philosophy Club
The AQPC encourages an active, open-minded, and interdisciplinary approach to philosophical thought, and we have collaborated with students in multiple campus clubs, including the AQ Psychology and Technology Clubs, as well as the Student Humanist League. The AQPC is also actively involved in the Philosophy Department, working to support faculty presentations and upcoming events.
Philosophy Club

Of course, our primary goal is to make philosophy available to as many people possible – and to show why it’s such a valuable analytic tool. To these ends, we have hosted multiple movie events, group activities, a campus-wide essay contest, and even a mock trial of Socrates (he was re-convicted!).


If you’d like to participate in one of Aquinas College’s most active and interesting clubs, stop by one of our weekly meetings - every Monday, 9:30 p.m. in the Upper Moose (Cook Carriage House). We’re always up for a good discussion - from the ancient Greeks to the logical positivists, the AQPC covers it all. To join the AQPC, just show up to a meeting! We hope to see you soon. Bryan Christopher Pilkington ( is the current faculty advisor for the Philosophy Club.

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Dr. Greg Bassett’s Presentation, “Incontinence and Perception,” co-hosted by the Philosophy Department and Club.