Political Science  

Model United Nations at Aquinas College

Model United Nations Conferences bring college and university students together to role-play delegates from their assigned countries.  Delegates are judged on their ability to accurately portray their country’s policies and positions on a number of important issues. Knowledge of history, balance of power, alliances and diplomatic skill are fundamental.  For example, in the Security Council the issues include the Indian-Pakistani arms race and conflict, the situation in Kosovo, and the ethnic cleansing in central Africa.  Students must use diplomatic skills including negotiation, conflict resolution and debate. Knowledge and use of parliamentary procedure is also considered in the judging.
Students at AQ spend several weeks researching and developing their country's positions and policies.  They develop specific policy statements and practiced writing United Nations resolutions.  Knowledge of the structures and functions of the United Nations as crucial to the success of their portrayal as was knowledge of their country’s positions.
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Model U.N. 2011 Model U.N. 2011
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