Political Science  

Focus on Molly Patterson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Political Science

Molly Patterson

Molly Patterson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Political Science
(616) 632-2841
E-mail: pattemol@aquinas.edu

Educational Background
Ph.D., University of California - Irvine
M.A., University of California - Irvine
B.A., Carleton College

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Molly Patterson teaches the following courses at Aquinas College:
PS 101 American Government and Politics PS/WS 325 Feminist Theory
PS 205 State Government and Politics PS 350 Methods and Inquiry in Political Science
PS 210 The Presidency and Congress GE 101 Inquiry and Expression
PS 321 American Political Thought  
Research Interests
  • Theory and practices of democracy, especially issues of social justice and political participation
  • Theory and analysis of political power and social change
  • Theory and analysis of ideology, political consciousness and cognition and their relationships to political culture
  • Theory and social construction of public policy (current favorite topics: education, food)
  • Pedagogy and citizenship
Dissertation Topic
"The Dynamics of Deliberation: Power and Structuration in Democratic Communication"
Committee: Shawn Rosenberg (chair), David Easton, Kevin Olson, Lisa Garcia-Bedolla
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