ALERT: Aquinas College is experiencing phone system difficulties at this time. Incoming calls cannot be received and outgoing calls cannot be made. Inter campus phone functions are still operational. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
  President's Office  

Aquinas College Executive Officers

President of the College
Juan Olivarez, Ph.D.
Assistant: Monica Edison; Phone: (616) 632-2881; E-mail:
Executive Vice President, Provost and Dean of Faculty
Gilda Gely, Ph.D.
Assistant: Lori Orlowski; Phone: (616) 632-2151; E-mail:
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Greg Meyer, M.Ed.
Assistant: Deb O'Donnell; Phone: (616) 632-2809; E-mail:
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Paula T. Meehan, B.A.
Phone: (616) 632-2852; E-mail:
Vice President for Finance
Leonard V. Kogut, Jr., Ph.D., CPA
Phone: (616) 632-2885; E-mail: