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AQ's Haiti Connection

The Haiti Connection of Aquinas College is a group on campus dedicated to deepening and sharing our understanding of poverty, our human "connectedness," and the gospel message of social justice by providing opportunities for participation in Haitian culture.
The Haiti Connection has established a "sister-school" relationship between Aquinas College and the Andre Pierre School in Borel, Haiti. Students learn about poverty and development through experiencing life in Haiti, visiting the Andre Pierre School and working in a children's hospital. This Service-Learning trip includes a three-credit course during second semester. >>More
During the summer of 2008, senior Emily Ferstle traveled to Haiti with a group of AQ students and staff. Read about her experience:
>>Finding Your Haiti: A Message to the AQ Readers of “Mountains Beyond Mountains”
Photo Slideshow
Haiti Photo Slideshow
>>View a slideshow of photos taken on the AQ Haiti Service-Learning trip.*
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Photo Gallery
Haiti Photo Gallery
Haiti Photo Gallery

AQ Seniors Emily Ferstle (left) and Jessica Coffelt with students

at the Andre Pierre School, Aquinas College's sister school
in Borel, Haiti.

AQ Senior Alison Beranek with children at
the Health Clinic in the Dominican Republic.
Haiti Photo Gallery
Haiti Photo Gallery
AQ Seniors Mo Poirier (left) and Kelsey
Benson at Andre Pierre School.
Aquinas students participate in a sing along with the kindergartners at AQ's sister school. (From left to right:) Kelsey Benson, Jessica Coffelt, Mo Poirer and Emily Ferstle.
Haiti Photo Gallery
Haiti Photo Gallery

Herald Pierre (in back), youngest of the four Pierre brothers, helps distribute back packs to each of the students at the school. A

donation of 250 new backpacks was acquired by the Aquinas

student participants.

Haitian school children.
Haiti Photo Gallery
Haiti Photo Gallery
Eric Bridge (left) holds blueprints for the planned expansion of the school as he listens to the vision of the school's owner and
sponsor, Andre Pierre (center). Jonas Pierre (right), Andre's brother, serves as the principal of the school.

The Aquinas students pose for a photo with one class in the

school. AQ students in front row (from left): Alison Beranek,

Jessica Coffelt, Chelsea Nix, Emily Ferstle. Back row (from

left): Paula Arbuckle, Emily Donohoe, Eric Bridge, Mo Poirier,

Sean Wanhala, Tim Ramsey, Kelsey Benson, Becca Kirk