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Past Selections: 2011-2012 Academic Year

This I Believe II: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women
Edited by: Jay Allison and Dan Gediman
"This I Believe"
About This I Believe II
During the AQ 125th anniversary, we as a campus community will reflect upon the foundations that make us who we are as an institution of higher learning. As we celebrate these beliefs, it made perfect sense that we would utilize the second installment of the Jay Allison and Dan Gediman book that talks about the importance of belief in our daily lives.
The NPR website explains that "from 1951-1955, Edward R. Murrow hosted This I Believe, a weekly radio program that reached 39 million listeners. Each day, Americans gathered by their radios to hear compelling essays from the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Robinson, Helen Keller, and Harry Truman as well as corporate leaders, cab drivers, scientists, and secretaries - anyone able to distill into a few minutes the guiding principles by which they lived. They shared insights about individual values that shaped their daily actions. The radio series was a phenomenal success and spread throughout
the world via radio, newspapers, and books. The first volume of This I Believe essays, published in 1952, sold 300,000 copies - more than any other book in the U. S. during that year except for the Bible. Fifty years later, National Public Radio and Dan Gediman, a Louisville radio producer, are again inviting Americans of all ages and all perspectives to examine their belief systems and then write a 350 - 500 word personal essay."

"This second collection from This I Believe gathers 75 essayists completing the thought that begins the book’s title. Contributors range from cellist Yo-Yo Ma, Sister Helen Prejean, and Robert Fulghum, to ordinary folks such as a diner waitress, an Iraq War veteran, an International Space Station astronaut, a middle school student, and many others. (Published in 2008). " as explained by the NPR website.


We are thrilled to spend a second year with the Allison and Gediman series and are hopeful that the class of 2015, our alumni, as well as our current faculty, staff, and students will enjoy its offerings. We anticipate quality writings from the AQ community as we reflect, write, and share the many aspects of who we are and what we believe in during the formative next 125 years.