Reading Clinic  


The Aquinas Reading Clinic provides a guided environment where education students can apply their knowledge of teaching and learning in literacy. An elementary and secondary clinic is available. The Aquinas Elementary Reading Clinic provides families of the community with reading diagnostic and instructional services for students from grades K - 4. The secondary clinic provides instructional services to students in grades 5 - 12.


Aquinas College tutors consist of teacher candidates (elementary and secondary – various content areas) and certified teachers. All tutors have completed at least one course (and often more) in literacy instruction before beginning the clinic tutoring. Tutors will use individualized lesson plans for each student and provide parents with a personalized report at the end of the tutoring sessions.




Reading Clinic News

Fall and Spring Semesters

We hold our elementary and secondary tutoring sessions off-site during the school year, serving students in their schools and in their neighborhoods.