Registrar / Academic Advising  

Transcripts: Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take once I have submitted my transcript request?
Please allow up to three business days from when we receive your request to process the form.


Do I need an official or unofficial transcript?

That depends on why you need a transcript. Official Transcripts are used for institution transfers, employment, scholarships, insurance, etc. Unofficial allows the student to view what classes they have taken, class credits, and cumulative grade point average.


Does Aquinas fax out transcripts?

No, we are only able to mail out transcripts.


Does Aquinas issue transcripts to students?

Yes, there will be a stamp on your transcript stating "issued to student." In order to remain official, the transcript must be left unopened and sealed.


I requested a transcript and I and/or the institution has not received it?

Please make sure you have followed both Step 1 and Step 2 to ensure you have submitted your request correctly. If that has been done, contact the Registrar Office at (616) 632-2871.


Am I able to track my transcript through the mail?

No, we are currently not set up with a mail tracking system. Contact the Registrar Office to get an update on your request if needed.


I just found out I need an official transcript for work/school/scholarship and I needed it yesterday, what do I do?

You will need to request an emergency transcript and pay the up-charge for immediate service.


Can I pick up the transcript in person?

Yes, state on the transcript request form (pdf) that you want to pick up in person and bring a photo ID with you.


Is there a reason why my request would not be processed?

Yes, the student is required to take care of any holds on their account before we can complete the transcript request.


Who can fill out the transcript request form?

Only the student as their signature is required.


How do I fill out the transcript request form?

We ask that you complete every field on the transcript request form (pdf) and use print. If we cannot read your handwriting it could delay the processing time of your transcript.


Who can I contact with questions?

Call the Registrar Office at (616) 632-2871. Please allow additional time to all mail requests for USPS processing time.