Undergraduate Student Research  

Current Research: May 2015-2016

Teaching Standards: What Do We Learn from Each Other?
Rebecca Mantei

The project aims at exploring what lessons we can learn from German immersion programs in terms of Standards. We, the researchers, hypothesize that since both countries used certain standards to guide their own immersion programs, the U.S. can borrow some experiences or documents from analyzing the Standards used by the immersion programs used in Germany. We are looking at the German standards for immersion schools in terms of seeing how the differences between the U.S. and German standards can be used to improve U.S. standards and in turn, improve immersion schools.


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rui Niu-Cooper

Funded By: Aquinas College Summer Scholars Program

Biology and Philosophy Intersection: the Ethical Implications of Applying Modern Stem Cell Technology
Kevin Stille

Currently, we believe that our primary research focus will be the ethical implications of applying modern medical stem cell technology, but that topic may change as we immerse ourselves in the literature. Ultimately, we want to write a manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed ethics journal. We would also like to assemble a syllabus for an interdisciplinary, team-taught bioethics course that would be submitted to the faculty committee on studies for approval.


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Hess

Funded By: Aquinas College Summer Scholars Program

The Use of Second-Person Singular Pronouns among Young Speakers in Costa Rica
Alyssa Willson
Alyssa Willson

Previous studies on the use of the second-person singular pronouns in Costa Rica have given contradictory results regarding "tuteo", or the use of "tĂș", "voseo", or the use of "vos, and "ustedeo", or the use of "usted". The goal of our project is to shed more light on this topic by carrying out a sociolinguistic investigation that will provide more evidence of the current uses of these three pronouns among young speakers in Costa Rica.


Faculty Mentor: Carmen Ruiz-Sanchez

Funded By: Aquinas College Summer Scholars Program