Residence Life  


Residence Life Staff


Julie A. Blaszak, M.A.
Director of Residence Life

Phone: (616) 632-2945
Fax: (616) 732-4479

Julie Blaszak

Abby Johnson
Liz Williams Matt Delaney

Abby Johnson, Regina Area Coordinator


Phone: (616) 632-2946

Liz Williams, Siena Area Coordinator
Phone: (616) 632-2958

Matt Delaney, Woodward Area Coordinator
Phone: (616) 632-2955

Frequently Asked Questions
What are Area Coordinators?
Area Coordinators are professional staff members who reside in a residence hall in their area and are responsible for the total operations of their residential community. Besides general administration of their residential area, their major responsibilities include supervising their Resident Assistant staff, referring and advising residents to other departments on campus, act as Parent liaisons for students in their residential area, acts as Judicial Hearing Coordinators, and co-advising a Residence Area Council. Each Area Coordinator's contact information is listed above, under the "Meet the Staff" link.
What are Resident Assistants?

Resident Assistants (R.A.s) are undergraduate students that serve as the paraprofessional staff to Residence Life.  R.A.s reside in the residence halls and are responsible to establish and support a safe, healthy living environment on their floor/building.  They are specially trained in all aspects of student living and assisting the needs of the residents.  The R.A.s act as advisors to their floor members and are capable of discussing academic, social and personal concerns with them. The overall job of the R.A. is to help create a positive atmosphere and build community within their residence hall.

Who's on Duty?
Each area has at least one R.A. on duty every night including vacation periods. This individual is available for any problems or emergencies that may arise. There is also an on-call Area Coordinator, live-in professional staff who oversee the daily operations of the halls, to also assist the R.A.s on duty. Contact the Front Desk to find out who is on duty, should their services be necessary.
What are the front desks and what services to they provide?
The Front Desks, located in both Regina and St. Joseph Halls, are 24-hour information stations maintained by student employees. The Front Desk provides, among other services, change, vacuum cleaners and general information about the resident hall.
Front Desk services include:
Transfer incoming calls to residential students Signing in of all guests
Selling stamps Posting information of upcoming events
Sorting mail into mail boxes Distributing toilet paper
Checking out key to bike room Refunding vending/laundry machine losses