Q. What is Sustainable Business?
A. Sustainable Business is a non-traditional strategy that concurrently builds profitability and economic stability, restores the health of natural systems, and promotes prosperous communities.
Q. How long has this movement been in existence?
A. The movement began in Europe over 20 years ago and the United States soon followed.
Q. When did Aquinas establish the Bachelor of Science Degree in Sustainable Business ?
A. In fall of 2003, Aquinas College launched the nation's first undergraduate degree program in sustainable business.
Q. When did the program produce its first SB graduates?
A. In May 2005, three Aquinas College students became the first in the nation to receive undergraduate degrees in Sustainable Business.
Q. How soon will I be able to start taking the courses?
A. At the beginning of the next semester
Q. What type of course work is required to graduate?
A. A combination of business, physical science, environmental studies and Sustainable Business courses.
Q. How many credit hours are required within the major to graduate?
A. 65 semester hours
Q. Can I take Sustainable Business courses without officially declaring a Sustainable Business major?
A. Yes
Q. Is a Sustainable Business degree just another business degree?
A. No, the broad distribution of required course work demonstrates the unique interdisciplinary nature of the Sustainable Business major.
Q. Can I finish my Sustainable Business degree in 4 years?
A. Yes
Q. How employable will I be with a Bachelors of Science degree in Sustainable Business?
A. There are many corporations in Michigan that are presently engaged in Sustainable Business Practices including General Motors, Ford Motor, Steelcase, Herman Miller, Dow Chemical and numerous small companies. These companies have expressed a keen interest in hiring interns and graduates of this program. In addition, most of our program graduates have landed some interesting positions at a variety of organizations.
Q. How do I get started in the Sustainable Business Program at Aquinas College?
A. All students who are admitted to the college are eligible to begin taking required courses right away. Go to our admissions site and file your free application for admission.
Q. Will I get experience in actual business situations in the Sustainable Business program?
A. Yes, an internship with a company or organization is required for Sustainable Business majors. In addition, actual Sustainable Business case studies are emphasized throughout much of the coursework.
Q. Is the curriculum available to non-traditional aged students as well?
A. Yes, and a number of non-traditional students are part of our student population.
Q. Who can I contact with specific questions regarding the program?
A. Dr. Matt Tueth, Chairman, Sustainable Business Department, e-mail