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A Sampling of Current Sustainable Business Students
Blake Bensman

Blake Bensman is a senior majoring in Sustainable Business with a Spanish minor. Originally from Howell, Michigan, Blake has always had a passion for the environment and serving his community. When he was a senior in high school, he came on a perspective student tour at Aquinas and expressed his interest in both the environment and business to the admissions officer that was leading his tour. After the admissions officer explained the non-traditional approach of sustainable business, Blake knew that the Sustainable Business Program would be a perfect fit. Blake is particularly interested in working in the field of corporate social responsibility.


Blake is also very involved in the Aquinas community. He is currently a student representative of the Aquinas College Green Revolving Fund Committee where he is helping formulate a fund that supports the implementation of energy efficiency and sustainability related campus projects. Blake is also a co-founder of the Aquinas College Zero Waste

Initiative and is currently a Senior Resident Assistant. Blake has also served as the Coordinator for the Community Action Volunteers of Aquinas. Besides being heavily involved in the Aquinas community, Blake was also the Energy Analyst Intern at Bazzani Associates Inc. where he completed a comprehensive energy analysis of Bazzani Associates Inc. L.E.E.D. certified buildings. In his free time, Blake likes to volunteer, write, and going on long walks with his dogs with Bella and Lucy.
Hugh Ingalls

Hugh Ingalls, a Battle Creek native, has been environmentally conscious since a very young age. Even in middle school he would challenge others to imagine a world where a person could drink from any stream and eat food without fear of contamination. Hugh’s mother heard about the SB program at Aquinas College during his junior year in high school and shared how it combines an overall business competency with environmentally conscious action and care for the community. This was something that made a lot of sense for Hugh, so he enrolled at Aquinas after high school to specifically pursue the sustainable business degree.


Hugh’s interest in sustainable business was partially inspired by his parents. Both his mother and father have traditional business degrees, but they do recognize the enormous value in this new business strategy. Hugh enjoys sharing his sustainable business knowledge with his parents and many friends. He says that his mother attempts to

consciously make sustainability-based purchasing decisions for their home. In the future, he plans to begin to apply his SB knowledge in a consultant career path.


During his time at Aquinas, Hugh helped form the Aquinas hockey team, which celebrated its first year as a varsity sport in 2012-2013.

Jim Janisse

Jim Janisse is a sustainable business major and Elk Rapids, MI native. Graduating from high school in 2009, he came to Aquinas College not for sustainable business, but rather for the business administration major. Halfway through his sophomore year, he heard about the sustainable business program from his roommate. The unconventional approach to business made a lot of sense for Jim, so he quickly switched his commitment to sustainable business. Jim is particularly interested in the educational opportunities of sustainable business and is interested in a consulting career in this field.


Like most sustainable business converts, Jim is conscious of using sustainable practices in his life. For example, he walks to school from off-campus and, when asked, shares his knowledge of sustainable business with people he meets. Jim has even suggested intelligent changes to upper management in a previous job. His sense of direction and

moral compass are evident as he has chosen to leave jobs in the past that contradict his commitment to sustainable business principles.


In his free-time, Jim enjoys reading, especially nonfiction, to learn new ways to better himself or help others succeed.

Kaitlyn Aholt

Junior Kaitlyn Aholt comes to the Aquinas Sustainable Business Program from Augusta, Missouri.  Kaitlyn recognized her interest in business but she hadn’t considered business in relation to the community until inspired by the TV show Greensburg, which features a Kansas town redesigned after a destructive tornado using sustainability as a guiding principle.  Kaitlyn was then inspired to research college programs that would combine her passion for the environment with her interest in business, ultimately leading her to the Sustainable Business program at Aquinas.


Growing up in a tight-knit, rural community, Kaitlyn developed an appreciation for a strong, local support system.  She carried that appreciation of local to Aquinas, where it has been further strengthened by further studying sustainable community development with help from Michael Schuman’s book, The Small-Mart Revolution. Speaking to her practical side, the Sustainable Business program has taught Kaitlyn the importance of giving equal consideration to the
environmental, social, and financial aspects of sustainable business.  She has enriched her education by working in the Aquinas College Center for Sustainability and serving as the vice-president for the student club - Students Striving for Sustainability. In her free time, Kaitlyn enjoys canoeing.
Benjamin Lilly

Benjamin Lilly is a student at Aquinas College who uses his experience with the insurance industry to shape his future goals for sustainable business. After graduating from Byron Center High School, Ben began a career investigating insurance claims. Drawing on this experience, he began to understand the myriad of ways weather-related catastrophes affect communities. It was this kind of reflection and passion that caused Ben to leave his insurance career to pursue a degree in Sustainable Business.

Ben enjoys learning how sustainable business practices can meet the economic, environmental, and societal needs of a community. He is able to use what he has learned about sustainability in a variety of ways. Ben chooses to compost and cycle his waste, and is even planning to convert his suburban lawn into a prairie ecosystem!


Ben often reflects on a quote from Wendell Berry: “A bad solution is bad, then, because it acts destructively upon the larger patterns in which it is contained.  A good solution is good because it is in harmony with those larger patterns.”  This quote may resonate well for a variety of students.  An interesting fact about Ben is that his children were once featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Patty Mesler

A senior at Aquinas, Patty Mesler is majoring in Sustainable Business and minoring in both Accounting and Spanish. As the daughter of the Aquinas College registrar, her decision to attend Aquinas was not difficult. Growing up in Cedar Springs, MI, Patty spent a lot of time outdoors with her family. A love for nature coupled with the eye-opening experience of taking an environmental biology class helped set the stage for her attractions to the Aquinas College Sustainable Business Program. Some of Patty’s curiosity for the natural world was sated by the Janine Benyus book, Biomimicry, which has taught her to view every system as a living organism.


Patty is especially passionate about the financial aspect of Sustainable Business. She enjoys accounting procedures and envisions herself working as a sustainable business director to for a company in transition. After graduation, Patty plans to immediately seek employment but she eventually would like to attend graduate school. Apart from her

studies, Patty works part-time and enjoys reading (especially articles about sustainable business topics), disc golfing, drawing, and sewing.  
Abigail Koprowicz

Abigail Koprowicz, a senior from Gaylord, Michigan, is majoring in sustainable business and double minoring in Spanish and sociology. Abigail was initially attracted to the Aquinas College campus because “the mix of city and nature was a good balance for an up-north girl.” Abigail wants to be a powerful force in the movement and loves the creative aspect of sustainable business.

Abigail grew up with a strong connection to community and an intense pride in northern Michigan. In the SB program she has learned the interrelated aspects of how a healthy community functions. Abigail’s passion for studying community systems gained new perspective during a recent trip to New Zealand, in which she worked on organic farms and engaged in rich conversation with a variety of people.


After graduation, Abigail plans to attend graduate school and study environmental anthropology. She would like to use her education to travel and to consult in the field of sustainable community development and to help spread the advantages of becoming native to place. Eventually, Abigail hopes to open her own business that would offer a variety of services to enhance local community development.


Abigail is a junior class officer in the Insignis Program and is an active member of the Campus Events Programming Board. She is a major food and music junkie who also loves traveling and outdoor sports. She calls herself a “closet artist,” who designs jewelry, shirts, and scarves.   


Examples of the Employment of Sustainable Business Program Graduates:

John DeAngelis


John DeAngelis is employed as an analyst in the sustainability & energy group of the global procurement department at Steelcase Inc. John manages the company's renewable energy portfolio, which includes renewable energy credit purchases, investigating the viability of on-site renewable energy generation for Steelcase facilities worldwide, the development and implementation of the sustainability aspect of direct materials supplier scorecards, and the coordination of a variety of supplier-related sustainability data needs.

Dustin Heiler Dustin Heiler ‘12 is a native of Fowlerville, Michigan. As an undergrad Dustin held a work-study position at Aquinas College’s Center for Sustainability as the Website & Campus Events Assistant. Dustin is currently a Market & Business Developer on the Sustainability Team at Steelcase, Inc. As part of the Global Environmental Sustainability team, Dustin contributes to a number of projects including internal continuing education, materials science, market development, and sustainable business metrics reporting.
Lauren Rogers Lauren Rogers ’11 Lauren works as a project coordinator at Cascade Engineering in Grand Rapids.  She supports the development and delivery of long term strategic plans for the expansion of environmental services, systems, and products across the Cascade Engineering Family of Companies. Lauren has previously worked for the West Michigan Environmental Action Council and the Center for Sustainability at Aquinas College in sustainability related roles. Lauren is currently pursuing her Master of Business Administration Degree with a Strategic Management Concentration from Davenport University.
Jamison Lenz Jamison Lenz ’05 serves as the Program Manager at the GreenHome Institute. This West Michigan-based non-profit organization specializes in training homeowners, builders, architects and designers in green building practices and products. Because AES is a LEED for Homes Provider, a lot of Jamison’s work involves verification services for LEED projects as well as assisting in administrative documentation required of LEED certification.
Sara Sanders Sara Sanders ‘12 dual majored in Sustainable Business and Geography. After graduation Sara interned at Brewery Vivant as a Sustainability Intern, focusing on contributing data to their first Corporate Social Responsibility Report as well as working on marketing efforts and other sustainability initiatives. Sara currently attends graduate school at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA, pursuing a Dual Master's Degree in City and Regional Planning and Civil Engineering Emphasizing in Transportation. She works for the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG) which is the metropolitan planning organization for the County.
Ariel Timm Ariel Timm ‘12 interned with the Eastown Community Association (ECA), working on projects to positively impact the local Grand Rapids community and also with a housing agency in Chicago's North Lawndale neighborhood. Ariel currently works for Aquinas in the Office of Advancement as the Manager of Stewardship, working with the college's endowment and student scholarships. She is passionate about education, social justice issues, and sustainable community development that builds resilient communities.


Brett Little

Brett Little '10 is the Executive Director at GreenHome Institute, a non-profit dedicated to serving homeowners, builders, architects and developers who want to find more sustainable ways in their residential processes and verify it through 3rd party over-site like the LEED for Homes rating system. Brett is on the board of the U.S. Green Building Council of West Michigan. Brett loves supporting the local economy, kayaking, microbreweries, public transportation, board games and living the Grand Rapids Dream.


Mary Tate


Mary Tate '11 is the Associate Sustainability Consultant at Haworth Inc. in Holland, Michigan. She primarily focuses on sustainable supply chain management, including life cycle analysis of Haworth products, clean chemistry, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and BIFMA level certification, as well as supplier training and accountability. Prior to her work with Haworth, Mary interned with the West Michigan Environmental Action Council, BISSELL Inc., and for the Chairperson of the Sustainability Department at Aquinas College.

Jessica Spagnuolo Jessica Spagnuolo ’11 majored in sustainable business and minored in German. Jessica was actively involved in many of the the on campus clubs and organizations during her four years at Aquinas College. During her last year at Aquinas College, she interned at Bissell in Walker, MI. A few months later Jessica interned at Consumers Energy in Jackson, MI and was subsequently hired as a permanent employee in January 2012. She works in the Environmental Services Department as an environmental planner under the new sustainability section that she helped to develop as an intern. Jessica is very excited to officially start her career at Consumers Energy.
Stephanie Goorhouse Stephanie Goorhouse ‘11 interned with Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids and later was hired as a permanent employee after graduation.  Stephanie initially believed that Goodwill’s only focus is to market secondhand goods but she soon learned that Goodwill also helps marginalized individuals complete job training and land careers. During her time at Goodwill, Stephanie has developed a comprehensive sustainable operations guide that includes intelligent cleaning products, LEED certification issues, and environmental policies.  She currently enjoys her position and colleagues.  Her professional experience is exactly what Stephanie hoped for after graduating from the Aquinas sustainable business program.


Alyssa Antekeier

Alyssa Antekeier ‘11 interned at Metro Health Hospital where she worked closely with the sustainable business officer.  During her four months at Metro, Alyssa assisted in expanding the composting program, helped redesign and update the Sustainability Department web site on Metro’s Intranet, and worked with Key Green Solutions to measure Metro’s progress in their sustainability initiatives.  After graduating in May of 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree is Sustainable Business, Alyssa spent one month volunteering in New Zealand where she planted native flora in a bird sanctuary, monitored invasive pests, and educated young students on the importance of the natural world.


Alyssa now works for Key Green Solutions, a sustainability management software company designed for Health Care facilities to help manage their energy, integrated waste programs, and sustainability projects.  The Key Green software suite compiles invoice data to analyze and graph a healthcare facility’s performance.  In her role as Relationship Coordinator, Alyssa leads the implementation process for new customers, provides web-based training to new customers, and offers support to existing customers.

Joseph Balog

Joseph Balog '11 is currently working at a recreational equipment rental outfit in southwest Florida and pursing opportunities in international development. From August to October, 2014 he was in Kenya volunteering for Creating Master Teachers, a literacy coaching organization. There he aided a pilot study by video documenting and produced a fundraising video for their IndieGoGo fundraising campaign, "A Small Pilot Project with Huge Potential". His passion to serve was fueled by other voluntary experiences in Jamaica, Mexico and participation in Aquinas' fall and spring-break service-learning trips. Joe performed an internship with Clean Water Environmental located in Grand Rapids, Michigan during his undergraduate studies and was the '09-'10 Social Action Committee Coordinator for Aquinas' Campus Ministry team.

Tera Fowler

Tera Fowler '11 landed an internship at Perrigo, a pharmaceutical company in Allegan, after graduating in May 2011. Working in the Corporate Social Responsibility department, she was involved in various projects to support global data collection for Perrigo’s key performance indicators (e.g.  diversity stats, waste generation). Tera was also involved in Supplier Risk Assessments, Supplier Code of Conduct teams, and promotion of the company’s recycling program.


While attending the Energy Champions education series in Grand Rapids, Tera was reacquainted with Bill Stough of Sustainable Research Group, Grand Rapids, MI and was subsequently hired by the Sustainable Research Group (SRG).  Tera’s role at SRG is centered around Social Responsibility, and mainly entails assisting clients with their BIFMA level certification, and helping them meet the requirements of the Social Responsibility section of the e3 standard. Subjects in this area include Employee Health and Safety, Labor and Human Rights, Inclusiveness, Community Outreach, Supplier Surveying, and GRI-based Social Responsibility Reporting.


Sean Fahey '11 has professionally benefitted from a number of sustainable business internships throughout West Michigan. At Nichols Paper & Supply in Muskegon, he assisted the documentation and implementation of LEED for Existing Buildings Gold certification in 2009-2010. Sean then worked for the West Michigan Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council as a Project Manager and later served as the Coordinating Editor for Green Buildings of West Michigan, a case study profiling 40 LEED-certified buildings in the West Michigan area.


Sean earned a bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Business with a minor in Accounting in May of 2011. Throughout the remainder of 2011 and 2012, Sean completed an internship with the commercial office furniture manufacturer Steelcase, which led to a contractual position with the company. Sean now assumes the permanent role of Associate Environmental Engineer in the Global Environmental Performance department of Steelcase. He manages product environmental data and reporting for Steelcase in addition to overseeing the European Union environmental product compliance programs RoHS2, WEEE, and REACH. He also assists with the company’s material reprocessing program. Sean is also a founding board member of the West Michigan Active Commute Coalition.

Carol Parsaca Carol Parsaca ’09 of Grand Rapids, Mich. completed her secondary education at West Catholic High School. Carol enrolled at Aquinas College with the intent to learn how to intelligently design and manage businesses. As a continuing education student, she had a background in medical billing and accounts receivable. She completed her sustainable business internship with The Van Andel Institute in Grand Rapids and continued full-time employment with the organization for one year. In 2010, Carol accepted a position as sustainability manager for Pilgrim Manor Retirement Community in Grand Rapids, Mich. Her current responsibilities include managing the environmental stewardship program, leading the green team, tracking and analyzing sustainable business metrics, and organizing company events that encourage sustainable business practices. Carol also provides educational resources for residents, employees and their families and assists in community outreach.
Ann Erherdt

Ann Erhardt ‘09 has been Michigan State University’s Assistant Director in the Office of Campus Sustainability since December 2012. Formerly the Energy Programs Manager for the West Michigan Environmental Action Council, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Communications from Aquinas College, as well as a degree in Sustainable Business and Environmental Studies. Currently, Ann is working to complete her Master of Management Degree, focused on Organizational Leadership.


Through her sustainability-driven positions at the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum, Steelcase Inc., and the Center for Sustainability at Aquinas College, Ann brings 7+ years of experience in the sustainability and communications fields. Her experience working as a LEED Certification Administrator, Sustainability and Product Developer, and Sustainable Business Forum Coordinator has enhanced her abilities in communication and collaboration, and sustainable education. As the Assistant Director, Ann focuses on the “Be Spartan Green” communication plan, energy communications and outreach, as well as new initiatives around campus
Jessica Zahn

Jessica Zahn '07 completed a year-long internship with Metro Health Hospital in Wyoming, Michigan. Subsequently, Jessica worked for the U.S. Green Building Council- West Michigan Chapter as the Projects Coordinator. In fall of 2008 she relocated to Portland, Oregon where she became the Waste Reduction Coordinator for Skyline School. As the Coordinator, she worked on environmental education, composting, and recycling in the cafeteria and around the school, and finding other ways to improve Skyline's natural world footprint.


Jessica is currently in graduate school at Portland State University pursuing a master’s degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Natural Resources. For the last year, she has been working with PECI, a non-profit energy efficiency consulting company. Jessica maintains their GHG reporting information, works on internal conservation campaigns, provides educational opportunities for staff on energy and waste reduction, alternative transportation, and healthy lifestyle, and helps coordinate outreach opportunities. Jessica is also a two-term AmeriCorps Alumni.

Becky Brown

Becky Brown,’09completed a Master of Science in Behavior, Education and Communication from the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environmental in 2012.  She is currently employed at the West Michigan Environmental Action Council as the Water Programs Outreach Coordinator. In that role, she oversees the rain barrel workshop program, plans WMEAC’s two yearly Grand River clean-ups, assists the classroom watershed education program, and contributes to other WMEAC water-related projects. 


While at Aquinas, she interned at Grand Rapids non-profit Local First and at the Center for Sustainability. In addition to water issues, she is passionate about climate change resiliency, politics, food justice, and the importance of supporting local businesses.

Bryant La Pres

Bryant LaPres, 09 is employed at Target Corporation in Minneapolis, MN as a senior business partner on the corporate sustainability team.  In his role, he is responsible for implementing external surveys, generating Carbon Disclosure Project reports, and providing data for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index .  In addition, he helps coordinate the environmental section for Target's Corporate Responsibility Report.  Beyond reporting, Bryant manages a variety of special projects and initiatives for sustainable business, including strategic planning and community enhancement partnerships.


Prior to joining Target, Bryant worked for Energy Finance Analytics of Chicago as a Sustainability and Energy Consultant.  During his undergraduate studies, he completed internships with Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber as well as Amway. In the fall of 2013, Bryant plans to pursue his MBA at The University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. 


Karen Gray Karen Gray, '08 has recently been hired as a salaried employee at Steelcase after one year of work as an intern/contract employee of the Global Environmental Performance department and Supply Chain Management Group. Her new position involves product certification initiatives such as MBDC C2C, and BIFMA-E3, managing RECs from the Texas wind farm, Green Suppliers Network, and other voluntary and regulatory projects geared toward Steelcase’s suppliers.
Colin Knue Colin Knue '09 is currently working as an Americorp VISTA volunteer at The Fairbanks Rescue Mission in Fairbanks, Alaska as the Recycling Coordinator.  The Fairbanks North Star Borough has around 100,000 residents who previously had no avenue for reprocessing its solid waste.  The mission has developed a Green Collar Job program for clients in which they run and operate the recycling center and receive specialized training that will help them transition to a stable career.  In addition, the Mission is providing the residents and businesses of Fairbanks an avenue for reprocessing their newspaper, mixed paper, and corrugated cardboard.  Colin's position responsibilities include expanding the reprocessing operation to include plastic and glass, developing a business plan, and generating funding.
Katie O'Brien

Katie Chapman (O'Brien) '08 completed an internship at Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo, MI in 2008, where she helped propose a renewable energy strategy for the hospital. After graduating, Katie worked for non-profit organization SCARCE (School and Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education) in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. At SCARCE, she educated students, teachers and community groups about the importance of recycling, reducing energy, composting, and storm water control. 


Next, Katie accepted a position at Haworth, a commercial office furniture manufacturer in Holland, Michigan, as a sustainability specialist in the global sustainability department. Early in her position, Katie managed ISO14001 certification for Haworth’s North American plants, along with the company’s environmental compliance program. She now manages the products certified to the BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard. She also works closely with Haworth’s sales team, clients and dealer network regarding the Haworth’s sustainability story and assists the manufacturing facilities to lead activities to reduce Haworth’s greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, she works on other sustainability initiatives such as the Haworth member organic garden, zero landfill and various community outreach projects.


Megan Cramer Megan Cramer '07 graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sustainable Business with a secondary concentration in environmental studies.  Megan grew up in Coopersville, Michigan as the youngest of three sisters. She began her higher education at Grand Rapids Community College with an interest in geography.  Her grandmother, mother, and sister all attended AQ and Megan decided to continue the tradition.  She enjoys traveling and practicing sustainability on an individual and a community level. When asked why she is interested in sustainability Megan says, “Sustainability just makes sense to me. I can see the whole picture - everything is connected. I know the importance of the natural world and I am also aware of the fragility of it. I want to assist other people in acquiring an understanding of the natural world's role in our prosperity.”  Upon graduation, Megan relocated to Lanesboro, Minnesota, where she is currently employed by Eagle Bluff Environmental Education Center as a naturalist and educator.
Liz Ivkovich

Liz Ivkovich 07 earned a bachelor's degree in both Sustainable Business and International Studies. Liz grew up in Horton, Michigan. During her undergraduate studies, she spent a semester in Nepal caring for the elderly and plans to return in the future. Her mother is a music professor and her dad is an engineer and Liz says her parents have always stressed the value of an education in her family that includes one brother and two sisters.

After graduation, Liz took the position of International Associate Director of Administration for Word Made Flesh, a non-profit Christian missionary organization headquartered in the U.S. with operations worldwide. Liz decided to follow her passion for dance, and she is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts Degree in modern dance at the University of Utah. Beginning Fall of 2013, she will be a graduate assistant in their Department of Modern Dance.

Josh Miller

Josh Miller '06 earned a B.S. in Sustainable Business and a second major concentration area of Environmental Studies. Josh is now working for Rapid Shred, a document destruction company located in Grandville, MI. Josh is responsible for developing and managing additional service lines including solid waste hauling, regulated medical waste hauling, single stream recycling and construction waste hauling/recycling. Josh is also working as a sustainability consultant for e3 Solutions (a division of Rapid Shred).

Jessica Eimer Jessica Eimer '05 graduated with a B.S. in sustainable business, environmental studies, and geography. In January, Jessica is now serving as the Program Director for the Center for Sustainability at Aquinas College (C4S). She is active in Aquinas’ campus Sustainability Initiative by playing a lead role in organizing and managing student involvement, overseeing a campus sustainability inventory, and supporting the “internal redesign for sustainability” process. Jessica also organizes conferences and special events on campus, continues to promote the sustainable business program and the Center for Sustainability in the community, maintains multiple web sites including the C4S site, and supervises student involvement in the Center. Finally, she represents the Center for Sustainability in various community initiatives, such as Local First, the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum, the Community Sustainability Partnership, and the West Michigan Sustainable Purchasing Consortium.
Leslee Rohs

Leslee Rohs '05 graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Studies and History as well as dual minors in Sustainable Business and Spanish. 

Leslee held a full-time position as Constituent Services Representative for the Office of Congressman Vernon J. Ehlers where she served from September 2005 through December 2010.  Her primary responsibilities included congressional casework management on a wide range of federal issue areas including individual, business and non-profit tax policy issues, housing and foreclosure prevention advocacy, Passport and visa interventions and other case management duties as assigned.


Leslie now is employed by the Frey Foundation of West Michigan.

John Ebers John Ebers graduated from Aquinas College in '04. He double majored in political science and environmental studies and began studying topics related to sustainable business through independent studies about a year before the SB program formed. John is particularly interested in the impact of business on the natural world and earned his sustainable business minor in the spring of 2005.

John first interned with Metro Health Hospital in Grand Rapids, Mich. in the spring semester of 2004 and was subsequently hired as the Sustainable Business Officer for Metro. John now works for Practice Greenhealth of Reston, VA as the Associate Director of Sustainability Education and Training.