Alpha Kappa Delta

Mu of Michigan
In 2007 Aquinas College received the Charter for Michigan Mu of Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD), the International Sociology Honor Society. AQ is one of only 11 Michigan colleges and universities to be conferred an AKD charter. 
Alpha Kappa Delta was founded in 1920 as a forum for student and faculty examination of the study of society. More than 80,000 sociologists have been inducted to AKD in more than 560 chapters. United Chapters of Alpha Kappa Delta


Alpha Kappa Delta 2013 Inductees
2013 AKD Inductees


















Pictured at left: 2013 AKD Inductees Margaret Miller, Molly Cook, and Meaghan Newberg

Alpha Kappa Delta Members
2013 AKD Inductees
  Molly Cook Margaret Miller
  Meaghan Newberg  
2012 AKD Inductees
Erika Hallatschek Ann Low
2011 AKD Inductees
Sarah Allen Charles Range
Amanda Colegrove Audrey Rillema
Ashley Hendrick Chris Szurley
Meagan Kanny Brandon Wandell
Paula Kufner  
2010 AKD Inductee
Joseph Styf  
2009 AKD Inductees
Megan Leach Breane Proctor
Stephanie Porter  
2008 AKD Inductees
Ellen M. Dassow Kristin M. Spoelman
Rachal A. Johansen Elizabeth W. Stengel
Ashley C. Kauffman Elise D. Wisnieski
Aquinas College students must meet five criteria to be inducted to AKD:
  1. Be a declared Sociology major
  2. Be in at least the third year (junior year) of college at Aquinas College
  3. Hold an overall Grade Point Average of 3.0 AND rank in the top 35% of their class
  4. Hold a Grade Point Average of 3.0 in Sociology courses taken at Aquinas College
  5. Have completed at least four sociology courses
For more information about Alpha Kappa Delta and the Michigan Mu Chapter, please contact Dr. Kathy Kremer, Chapter Representative, at (616) 632-2078 or