Lawrence Kielich Memorial Fund

Dr. Lawrence Kielich

In the summer of 2003, Aquinas lost one of its most beloved colleagues when Dr. Lawrence Kielich (pictured at left) succumbed to lung cancer.  A memorial service was held and the family requested that in lieu of flowers, money be donated to a fund in Larry's name.

Since that time, without fanfare, friends, colleagues, and alumni have contributed over $1,600.  We are now ready to kick off a sustained fund raising effort.

Dr. Lawrence Kielich received his Ph.D. from the University of Montana in 1974. He was one of the senior faculty at Aquinas and one of its most enthusiastic classroom professors. His areas of specialization were social psychology and research methods. He taught SY 201, Social Psychology, SY 291, History of Sociological Thought, and SY 261, Criminology. Larry was loved and admired by students and colleagues alike and we will miss him.

Being a sociologist, Larry was aware of the class issues connected with achieving a higher education. Larry recognized that many Aquinas students are the first in their families to go to college and do not come from upper class backgrounds. The plan of the sociology department is to build the scholarship fund and be able to use the proceeds to assist academically outstanding students in need with money for books or tuition.  Other uses could include:
  • Funds for bringing guest speakers of sociological significance,
  • The purchase of computer software to assist sociology student research,
  • Funding of field trips to sociological sites such as the Holocaust museum in Detroit or Jane Addam's Hull House in Chicago,
  • Stipends for research assistance, providing opportunities for student research, and
  • Funding for conference travel for student-presented papers.
Thank you to our generous donors!
Up to $50
  • David E. Cox
  • Joey L. Enders
  • Norma Jensen
  • Susan F. Marrinan
  • Lauretta Simpson
  • Judy Swann
$50 to $100
  • Sharon M. Brady
  • Charles R. Frydrych
  • Susan M. Haworth-Hoeppner
  • Cheryl De Nicola
$100 to $250
  • Catherine Antonie
  • W. Michael Cushion
  • Allene L. Kieff
  • Tom Olszewski
  • Aron Seligman
  • Snap-on Incorporated
  • John VanderMolen
  • Suzanne S. Wilson
$250 +
  • John S. Hogan
  • Mary E. Kielich
If you would like to donate to the Larry Kielich Memorial Scholarship, please send your donation to:
Director of Planned Giving
Aquinas College
1607 Robinson Road S.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Please note that your donation is for the Larry Kielich Scholarship fund.