Student Learning Outcomes

Sociology Student Learning Outcomes
  • Students can describe how social theory contributes to knowledge. 
  • Students can compare and contrast major theorists, theories, and concepts in substantive areas of sociology and anthropology. 
  • Students can explain basic concepts such as culture, roles, norms, social structure, social institutions, socialization, and stratification. 
  • Students can demonstrate how social institutions and structures influence group and individual behavior. 
  • Students can assess the empirical research of others, formulate empirical research questions, design and carry out a research project, and evaluate qualitative and quantitative data. 
  • Students can describe variations, and the significance of these variations, across social categories of class, race/ethnicity, and gender. 
  • Students can write a clear and concise college-level theoretical analysis using ASA style. 
  • Students can clearly and thoroughly present sociological or anthropological content in a public or classroom setting.