Student Support Services  

About Student Support Services


Student Support Services (SSS) has served the academic needs of Aquinas College students for over three decades. SSS promotes an interdisciplinary and student-centered liberal arts education, grounded in the Dominican heritage of prayer, study, service, and community. A holistic approach is used to assist students in becoming well-rounded, educated adults, prepared for the workplace and for graduate level study.

Student Support Services provides eligible students with academic assistance in post-secondary course selection, career exploration, information in applying for and assistance in completing and applying for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and information on financial aid benefits including Federal Pell Grant awards and loan forgiveness, education to improve economic and financial literacy, assistance in applying for admission to graduate school, and resources in locating public and private scholarships. Additionally, SSS provides peer tutoring in academic content areas to meet the individual needs of student participants.  SSS is committed to the development of each student’s personal strengths to ensure that students can maximize their success in providing leadership and service in developing a sustainable and just global community.

Participant Eligibility for Grant Aid
To receive SSS program grant aid, students must be current participants in the SSS project who are in their first two years of postsecondary education and receiving Federal Pell Grants. Grant aid may be offered to students who have completed their first two years of postsecondary education and are receiving Federal Pell Grants if the institution demonstrates that these students are at high risk of dropping out and it has first met the needs of all its eligible first and second year students.
To learn more about the Student Support Services Program call the Student Support Services Office at (616) 632-2165 and schedule an appointment with a SSS Program Advisor or with Director, Gary Karasinski.