Before Your STAR Session

To Do List:
  1. Complete and submit the STAR Date Reservation Form. You will receive a confirmation indicating what STAR Day you will be attending.
  2. Important: Once you have received your STAR date confirmation, complete the online First-Year Advising Form (available May 2014) at least one week prior to your STAR date. Your responses on this form provide essential information that we use in assigning your Aquinas advisor, and determining courses that you will take next fall as a new freshman.
  3. Fill out your First-Year Advising Form one week prior to your STAR date.
  4. Check out the STAR Logistics to learn what you will need to bring with you to STAR and how best to prepare for your STAR session.
  5. Bring your ID with you to your STAR date.  You must bring a driver's license or picture ID with you when you come to STAR, in order to receive your AQ ID and email/login.
On your STAR day, you will meet with an advisor to go over the items below. You may also review them in advance:
Optionally, you can visit the Registrar and Advising website to preview the full catalog and fall semester schedule.