General Education Program

The general education program centers on the skills, knowledge, values and ethics that Aquinas College believes each of its graduates need to be prepared for career and life in a rapidly changing world. It is structured to include both requirements of specific courses as well as selected
courses within areas of study.
The following information describes the required courses.
First Year Requirements
GE 100 First Year Experience
GE 101 Inquiry and Expression
An integrated collegiate skills course which emphasizes critical reading, writing and oral communication skills, supported by critical thinking, including basic quantitative reasoning and research methods. This course must be taken either first or second semester of your first year at AQ.
CD 200 Career & Self Exploration
This course will provide students with an understanding of the career development process, as well as opportunities to identify personal interests, values, preferences, and skills that will be used to examine career interests. Students will have the opportunity to research and evaluate their career options.
Foreign Language
All students are required to show foreign language proficiency through the second semester of a language. A language placement exam will be given at the STAR session. Aquinas offers French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Although starting the language requirement in your first year is highly recommended, you may wait to start it in your second year.
Second Year Requirements
GE 201/202 - Humanities
A study of the development of cultures and civilizations with selected works of literature, art, philosophy, and history. GE 201 covers ancient Egypt through the Middle Ages. GE 202 covers the Renaissance through the end of the 19th century.
Additional Requirements
Theological Foundation
All students must take one Theology class. Theology courses are listed in the college catalog beginning with the prefix TF. This course can be taken at any point in your college career to fulfill the
requirements for your bachelor's degree.
The following is a list of courses that will fulfill your general education requirements in several areas
of study. You must select a specific number of courses from each area of study as noted below.
These courses can be taken at any point in your college career. Not all of the classes listed will be
offered in the fall semester. Please jot down some ideas of courses that interest you. You will
have an opportunity to discuss these courses with an advisor at your STAR session. Descriptions of
each course can be found in the college catalog on our web site.
Social Science
Business/Economics - one course from:
BS 200 Fundamentals of Organizations for the Non-Major BS/ES 313 International Business
BS/ES 345 Personal Family Finance BS 459 Business and Society (also under GE 252)
ES 185 Rich Nations, Poor Nations: The Economics of the World ES 213 Macroeconomics
ES 214 Microeconomics  
Psychology/Sociology - one course from:
PG 100 Introduction to Psychology PG 110 Adults in Transition
SY 101 Introduction to Sociology SY 103 Cultural Anthropology
SY 260 Introduction to Social Problems WS 100 Introduction to Women's Studies
Communication/Political Science/Geography - one course from:
CN 101 Introduction to Communication CN 207 Family Communication
PS 101 American Government and Politics PS 150 The World in Crisis
GY 120 Human Geography GY 150 World Regional Geography - Developed World
GY 151 World Regional Geography - Developing World  
One course from:
HY 101 American History (from discovery to the end of Reconstruction) HY 102 American History (from the end of the Civil War to the present)
HY 161 World History I (10,000 BC to AD 1500) HY 162 World History II (from 1500 to present)
PH 101 Introduction to Philosophical Thinking PH 111 Logic
PH 231 Dimensions of Being Human  
Natural World
Two courses in two separate disciplines (one must be a lab course):
Biological Science (Discipline)
BY 123 Environmental Biology (lab course)
BY 150 Human Biology (lab course)
BY 155 Biology for Health Sciences (lab course)
BY 160 Introduction to Biology for biology majors (lab course)
Physical Science (Discipline)
CY 101 Environmental Chemistry (lab course)
CY 102 Chemistry and Society (lab course)
CY111 General Inorganic Chemistry (lab course)
PC 201 General Physics: Mechanics, Sound, Heat (lab course)
PC 213 General Physics with Calculus: Mechanics, Sound, Heat (lab course)
PC 291 Physical Science (non-lab course)
PC 295 Observational Astronomy (non-lab course)
Earth Science (Discipline)
GY 101 Earth Environment (lab course)
EL 100 Introduction to Environmental Studies (non-lab course)
GY 129 Physical Geography of Michigan (non-lab course)
Artistic and Creative Studies
One course from:
AT 111 Art for Non-Majors AT 130 Basic Drawing
AT 150 Art Survey I (from early Italian Renaissance, arts of China and Japan) AT 151 Art Survey II (from early Italian Renaissance to 19th Century)
AT 161 Art Appreciation EH 111 Introduction to Poetry
EH 112 Introduction to Fiction EH 113 Introduction to Drama
EH 210 Creative Writing EH 225 Literature and Motion Pictures
MCEN 111 Valenti Handbell Choir MCEN 143 College Chorus
MCEN 155 Wind Ensemble MCEN 161 Vocal Jazz
MCEN 167 Percussion Group MCEN 171 Jazz Ensemble
MCHL 213 Music Appreciation MCHL 214 20th Century Popular Music
MCTH 104 Basics of Music TE/CN 100 Introduction to Theatre
One course from:
MS 100 Math for Liberal Arts MS 111 Intermediate Algebra & Trigonometry
MS 114 College Algebra & Trigonometry MS 121 Calculus with Analytic Geometry
MS 122 Calculus with Analytic Geometry MS 260 Math for Elementary & Middle School Teachers
MS 261Math for Elementary & Middle School Teachers  
Health, Physical Education & Recreation (HE)
One course from:
HE 143 Intercollegiate Athletics HE 146 Nutrition, Exercise and Stress
HE 156 Health Education - Personal HE 281 Aerobic Fitness
HE 283 Tai Chi I HE 285 Soccer
HE 286 Softball HE 287 Volleyball
HE 288 Basketball HE 290 Golf
HE 292 Bowling HE 294 Conditioning
One course from:
CS 150 Technology Concepts CS 151 Word Processing
CS 152 Spreadsheets CS 153 Presentation Graphics
CS 154 Database CS 155 Internet
CS 156 Accounting CS 157 Project Management
CS 158 Web Page Design CS 159 Desk-Top Publishing
CS 160 Midi Music Publishing