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Programming Board


AQPB is your campus Programming Board that organizes social and academic events outside the classroom. As the largest event planning group under the direction of Campus Life we are able to put what we learn in the classroom to use for you in marketing, event planning, and event implementation.


We meet on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. in the Loutit Room of the Wege Center. Meetings are open and we are always looking for new members. Join us! For more information, contact Kay Borst (President) at or call (616) 632-2460. You can also find us on Facebook at Aquinas College Programming Board.

Programming Board Upcoming Events
All AQPB events are listed on the AQ Events Calendar, and you can also log into Facebook and see all of our upcoming Facebook events here.
Got event ideas? Feedback? Contact your Entertainment Crew!
Programming Board Officers


Rachel Czuprenski


Nicholas Gregory


Claire Timmer

Marketing Director:

John Schaak

Membership Development:

Colette Chapp

Committee Coordinators
Variety Committee
Coordinator: Kathryn St. John

Coffeehouse Committee
Coordinator: Sarah Wentela

Film Events Committee
Coordinator:Faelen Whitney
Campus Traditions Committee
Coordinator: Kara VanEgmond
Community Outreach Wellness and Issues Committee

Coordinator: Jack Farrell

Appointed Positions
  • Graphic Design Manager: Ali Barr
  • Social Media Manager: Emily Clements
  • RSO Assembly Representative: Mike Mumper
  • Commuter Representative: Samantha Roberts
  • Resident Representative: Emily Elias

Feel free to give us a call at (616) 632-2460

Guest Pass
All guests of Aquinas College students must present a Guest Pass at Programming Board events. >Download a Guest Pass (pdf)
What Does Programming Board Do?
Our mission is to provide learning experiences that enrich the mind, body, spirit, and of the community through programs that are fun, challenging, and value collaboration.
  • President runs bi-weekly board meetings and attends weekly one-on-one meetings with the Programming Board advisor. The president also follows up with all executive board, committee chairs, and representatives regarding Programming Board responsibilities.
  • Treasurer manages and advises the Programming Board budget. The treasurer will also supply the treasury report at bi-weekly meetings and on the Programming Board CourseConnect page.
  • Secretary keeps accurate minutes of all Programming Board meetings and posts them on the Programming Board CourseConnect page. The secretary also handles all attendance and office-hour records.
  • Advertising Chair keeps the Programming Board website up to date and assists all committee chairs in developing effective advertising for all events. The advertising chair also supervises the Freshman and Commuter Representatives.
Programming Board members can be a representative on one of five committees. Each committee is led by a coordinator who is a voting member of Programming Board. Coordinators hold bi-weekly meetings with their committee members to decide and plan each of their events
  • Variety Committee looks to bring in hypnotists, comedians, novelties (inflatables) and more.
  • Coffee House Committee hosts music, poetry, talent shows and much, much more.
  • Film Committee has events that include drive-in movies, daytime movies, film competitions, etc.
  • Campus Traditions Committee plans events such as Homecoming activities, Spring Fest/Earth Day or The Evening.
  • C.O.W.I. (Community, Outreach, Wellness and Ideas/Issues) Committee hosts off-campus and service events, such as paintball or community cleanups, and provides lectures, diversity awareness and other thought-provoking events.
  • The RSO Assembly Representative acts as a liaison to the Student Senate and will coordinate Programming Board cooperation on special programs with Senate.
  • The Commuter Representative represents his/her population's interests and needs in the Programming Board decision making process and maintains the Programming Board Commuter Board on the first floor of the Academic Building.
  • The Resident Representative's role is to represent his/her population's interests and needs in the Programming Board decision making process.
To read the Programming Board By-Laws please visit our CourseConnect page!