Campus Life  

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs): Sports and Recreation

AQ Hockey Club Student Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB)
AQ Rex Student Senate: Student Governments
Sport Management Club AQ Bod Squad
Snowboard and Ski Club AQ Quidditch
Saints Crew
AQ Quidditch
Advisor: Fr. Stan Drongowski
The purpose of this student organization is to work with the student of Aquinas College to provide competitive opportunities in the game of Quidditch for all students in a safe, inclusive, and respectful community.
AQ Rex
Captain: Gus Wasinski
This group fosters the growth of Ultimate on campus while offering players a chance to compete at the intercollegiate level.
Saints Crew
President: Brent Connor
The purpose of this organization is to broaden the horizons of dance and its culture to the surrounding Aquinas community.
Sport Management Club
President: Grant Cook
The purpose of this club is to provide Sport Management Majors with an opportunity to practice the applied aspects of their field. The club will provide majors with resume building opportunities in the area of athletic event organization. Club members will also have opportunities to attend presentations/forums related to the field. Non Majors welcome.
Student Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB)
To unite Aquinas College athletic teams with a focus on quality experiences in the classroom and on the playing field/court. Also, to establish relationships and to support individuals on campus and in the Grand Rapids community.
Student Senate: Student Government

Chairperson: Madeleine Burns

The Senate is one of the largest and most active student organizations on campus and is the representative body of Aquinas College. It coordinates most student activities and events helping to make Aquinas a fun and exciting place to be. The Senate is also one of two legislative bodies of the College, the other being the Academic Assembly. Through the Senate, the students have a voice and a vote in developing programs and policies that are responsive to the changing needs of the student body.
AQ Bod Squad

The purpose of the club is to exercise in a fun environment and improve physical fitness with the Aquinas Community. Also we will build a sense of community for all students, we will discuss topics weekly about how to live a balanced lifestyle and discuss ways to live a healthier life.

Snowboard and Ski Club
President: Lauren Engler
To facilitate to a student body interested in the pursuit of winter sports and activities of all skill levels while promoting a fun, warm atmosphere of togetherness while enjoying a common pastime of winter fun.