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Registered Student Organizations (RSOs): Special Interest

Across State Lines Commuter Club Residence Hall Association (RHA)
AQ Dems EPIC Saints For Life
AQ Republicans Film Club Students Striving for Sustainability (S3)
Casa Hogar Game Club

Uke Knighted

Think! Keeping Bees  
Across State Lines

President: Alyssa Sue

To be a present and active support system that seeks to provide assistance and programming to out of state students. Our focus will be specifically on outreach to new students, offering opportunities for them to transition to Aquinas and the Grand Rapids area, and to continue these services as needed throughout their years at Aquinas.
AQ Democrats

President: Cameron Colon

To raise awareness of the Democratic party and encourage student involvement in the community as well as the Aquinas College campus in regards to political affairs.
AQ Republicans
A campus-based political group fostering conservative and Republican ideals - volunteering on and off campus.
Casa Hogar

President: Emily Hillman

A student organization that raises money and awareness about our Peruvian orphanage, to which they travel to annually.

Commuter Club
Campus Life:
The Commuter Club serves as a resource for all commuter students, whether they walk to campus from Eastown, or if they drive in from Rockford. Through commuter specific programming, and a monthly newsletter commuters can meet others, learn about events on campus and find tips to have safer commutes to Aquinas. Commuters can stay up-to-date with the club by joining the Commuter Club Course Connect page, the password is aquinas.
President Tom Christy
Environmental Protectors Interacting for Change (EPIC) is a student organization that 
works with our local area to improve the environmental needs that are brought before us by our 
dedicated members. Our club is based on the grounds of social interaction and project based 
events that benefit the natural world. 
Game Club
President:  Mitch McDaniel

To provide an outlet for gaming for everyone on campus, particularly through Magic: The Gathering, video games, and Dungeons & Dragons.

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Keeping Bees
President: Jamie Sansone
The purpose of this student organization is to teach students, faculty, and staff the role of honeybees and their socio-economical functions and purposes. Students will have the opportunity to study and interact with a bee colony (Apiary) on campus. Interactions with the Apiary range from simple observation and wireless data acquisition, to hands on honey extraction. This club has potential for serious integration with existing clubs Tri0beta and Students Striving for Sustainability. There will also be a focus on botanical restoration and ecological interactions on campus.
Residence Hall Association (RHA)
President: Steven Hartford
The RHA is the governing body representing all the residence halls on campus. The RHA consists of all the officers from the campus Resident Hall Councils (RHCs): Woodward Area, Regina Area and Siena Area, the respective advisors of the residence hall councils, and the Director of Residence Life, who serves as the advisor to the RHA.
Saints For Life
President: Sarah Wade
A group that is dedicated to educating others about pro-life issues.
Students Striving for Sustainability (S3)
Advisor: Jessica Eimer

Provides an avenue for Sustainable Business students to take a more proactive role in business, social, and environmental progress.

President: Ashley Trocinski

The purpose of this non-partisan student organization is to instill an understanding and appreciation for America’s founding principles through thoughtful dialogue on contemporary political, economic, cultural, and philosophical issues.

Uke Knighted
President: Marin Haffey

Uke Knighted  is a student run musical organization in which students with varying levels of experience enjoy the ukulele. This is achieved through lessons, on campus performances, and general group playing together.