Family Resources


As a family member of an incoming Aquinas student, your role in supporting them is vital to their successful transition to Aquinas and the collegiate experience. We recognize that to support them most effectively you also need to learn about the ins and outs and resources and services at Aquinas as much as your student.

As you explore the information found here at the Orientation webpage, please remember that this resource is for family members as much as it is for students. While the information available throughout these pages is helpful, in no way does it replace the value of a phone call, a personal email message, or an in-person visit with faculty and staff. Your on-campus visit for STAR will serve as another foundation to build your Aquinas network, as well as the network of your student.

Resources for Parents & Families


Aquinas College Family Guide

Please feel free to review the AQ Parent & Family Guide that you received at your student’s STAR date.
>Download the AQ Parent Guide (pdf)