Orientation is almost here! We are so excited to see you on Thursday, August 21. We wanted to offer a few reminders and some updates on how to make the first day at orientation a successful and stress free one. Here are a few tips:


  1. Do not arrive on campus without your Student ID. If you have not received one yet or had issues with your ID at STAR, we will make sure that we direct you on how to pick one up!  You are going to need this for orientation and to be a fully functioning college student!
  2. It is going to be very warm on Thursday and may even rain. Please wear comfy shoes so that you can maneuver campus.  You may also want to remember an umbrella.  Remember that emotions are high and there are lots of things that need to occur to ensure we are all where we need to be for the day.  Let’s take care of each other by being empathetic and patient.
  3. If any of you or your family require special assistance/accommodations in order to participate in Thursday's activities, please contact Campus Life (campuslife@aquinas.edu) as soon as possible so that we can make appropriate arrangements.
  4. If you are under the age of 18, you will need a legal guardian to sign the paperwork that is required at the check in locations for the program. If there is a concern regarding the attendance of that guardian, please email Heather Hall, Director of Campus Life at heather.hall@aquinas.edu so that we can make arrangements.
  5. Make sure you check out a campus map! There will be a lot going on during the day and we want you to make sure you know where everything is. >Download the campus map here (pdf)


Commuters: You will be parking in the Woodward Lot near the Library and walking to the Academic Building (AB).  When you arrive inside the building, our team will provide you with a nametag, bandana, and your White Saints’ Squad t-shirt. You will also be asked to sign two documents, a media release and a waiver that allows you to participate in Orientation and Project Unite.   You will receive your orientation group information here as well. You may then go with your family to the Campus & Community Lunch. Please remember that orientation is 3 days for the commuters as well as the residents!


Residential students:  Here are a couple of wish list items that we have of those of you living on campus. By reviewing this and responding accordingly, we will have a very smooth move-in! >Download the Move-In Letter Here (pdf)


  • Regina East & West residents will need to drive onto campus off of the Robinson Road Entrance.
  • St. Joe’s residents will drive onto campus in the new entrance off of Fulton. 
  • Dominican residents will be checking in at the Performing Arts Center on Robinson Road.


Please review the move-in grid on the new student orientation website and honor that move-in time.  We have volunteers scheduled in those locations so that we may assist those specific floors in moving in. This allows roommates to come in together and is actually a HUGE request from Campus Safety in helping to keep traffic moving appropriately.  We are very good at getting families in and out of the loading area safely and quickly.  Help us do our jobs by identifying your room number on the chart and arriving on campus at that designated time. 

You will also have waivers to sign at check in and you will receive numerous items from Residence Life Staff.


Once you are moved in, please change into the white shirt that is located IN YOUR SIZE  in your room.  You also have your nametag that contains your orientation group and a bandana.  You are going to need to change into this shirt and wear it to the Community Luncheon and Convocation.  We will be taking a class pic and ALL must be in this shirt. It also serves as your Saints’ Squad “white out” shirt.  The bandana indicates your orientation group as well. 


When you leave your room to go to lunch and Convocation, your family needs to take all of their belongings with them.  You will not be returning to your rooms and actually bidding them a “see you soon” after Convocation so that we can get orientation started. 


ALL:  Your orientation leaders will direct you throughout the move-in process.  But for now, relax, have fun, enjoy every second and welcome to the Aquinas College family!



Heather Hall, Director of Campus Life