Sustainability Initiatiive

Sustainability at Aquinas College

The Center for Sustainability heads the AQ Sustainability Initiative which provides an on-going process to assure that Aquinas College is the kind of place where people love to work and learn. The initiative involves protecting the natural beauty of the Aquinas College campus while restoring the natural environment, improving financial stability and strengthening social relationships. Click here to go to the About Page


Presently, the Center for Sustainability is focused on the implementation of the Zero-Waste Initiative. This aggressive initiative is in place to elevate the conversation about waste and sustainability at the college, guiding us to our goal of being the first college campus in the nation to achieve Zero Waste. To learn more about the Zero Waste Initiative, click here.


To stay informed about the Center for Sustainability and Aquinas' activities to become a more sustainable campus, reference the "What's New" to the right.


What’s New with the AQ Sustainability Initiative?