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Structure for Change

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Be a Part of the Change
View Sustainability Initiative Suggestions in Process (On Campus Only)
This section contains summaries and completed sustainability initiative proposals as submitted by Aquinas College students, faculty, and/or staff. These proposals are currently under development and consideration by the Aquinas College assemblies.
View Preliminary and/or Unsuccessful Proposals (On Campus Only)
This section contains information on proposals that were dropped by the submitter during the SI process and/or proposals that need further development and refinement.
Suggestions Submission Process
This is a link to guide proposal authors through the sustainable initiative composition process. It explains the Sustainability Initiative background, as well as a step-by-step process describing idea submission, review and implementation of a Sustainability Initiative proposal.
How It Works
The Sustainability Initiative structure was organized to promote the serious consideration of all ideas generated from Aquinas campus members and represents just one method to submit sustainability suggestions. Sustainability committees were organized on the staff and faculty assemblies, along with a joint sustainability committee with representatives from the two respective assemblies to facilitate the suggestion process. The committee structure was designed by working groups of Aquinas students, faculty, and staff. Any sustainability idea generated by the student, staff, faculty, or administrator can be submitted via the online submission form or in person at the Center for Sustainability. The Aquinas community is encouraged to utilize the Center for Sustainability and the Sustainable Business Working Partners (SBWP) as resources. The SBWP is composed of small groups of sustainable business students ready and eager to help you develop your idea. To request a SBWP, please contact Jessica Eimer/Center for Sustainability at (616) 632-1994.
Your basic idea may be submitted via the SI web form, which will automatically be e-mailed to the Center for Sustainability. Center staff will contact you upon receiving your submission and offer resources to further develop your idea, including our Sustainable Business Working Partners and the appropriate AQ assembly committee.  After your idea is ready for final review, it will move to the AQ Joint Sustainability Committee who will rank your idea with a sustainability value score (on a 1 to 5 scale with 1 being little or no-value producing and 5 being very value-producing).
If the idea earns a 1, 2, or 3 rating, the idea may be resubmitted with revisions to the Center for Sustainability. The idea can also be brought by the submitter to the Assembly floor for voting without Committee approval.
If the Joint Committee assigns the idea a 4 or 5 rating, the idea is then submitted back to the respective assembly for a general vote. If the assembly approves the idea, it is sent on to the Provost for assessment and possible implementation. The Provost has agreed to consider and respond to all sustainability suggestions passed by any of the three campus assemblies.
Download Sustainability Initiative Process Flow-Chart (pdf)
Sustainability Committee Members
Staff Sustainability Committee:
Anne Marie Ferratt, Philip Mitri, Brigid Avery, Cecilia Cunningham, Cindy Dorman, Jessica Vaglica, and Jessica Eimer (Ex-officio).
Faculty Sustainability Committee:

Dr. Todd Yarbrough (Provost's Designee), Dr. Duane Ambrose, Stephane Bedere, Dr. Paul Brewer, Dr. Rob Peters, and Dr. Rebecca Coogan.

Student Sustainability Committee:
Jake Harris, Emily Elias, Emily Cook, Blake Bensman, Kristina Raiz, Thomas Christy, Hannah Acosta.