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Our Success Stories: Sustainability in Education

Sustainable Business Programs
Aquinas College currently offers both undergraduate and graduate studies in Sustainable Business.

The 65-semester hour Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Business major is an interdisciplinary program that integrates science, business and environmental studies. Undergraduate students can also choose to complete the 28-semester hour Sustainable Business minor, or an 18-semester hour certification instead.

Aquinas also offers the Master of Sustainable Business program for graduate students. This 12-course, 2-year program strives to uniquely qualify students to recognize the problems of business today and how to apply a durable, nature-based, and profitable solution.

Sustainability Research on Campus
Several Aquinas faculty are actively engaged in research-related to sustainability. Please contact them for current research status.
  • D. Steketee- Sustainable Business
  • K. Kramer- Sociology
  • M. Tueth- Sustainable Business
  • S. Mboko- Business
  • R. Bajema- Biology
  • J. Rasmussen- Geography
  • S. Davis- Theology
“Kool-Aid” Chemistry Lab
Implementation Status: Fully Implemented
Chemistry Lab

Each year the Chemistry Department performs Spectrometer Experiments.  In past years the chemical solutions used for the experiment were nickel nitrate, copper sulfate, and cobalt chloride.  These compounds are hazardous to human health and the environment among other things.  Nickel nitrate is a cancer causing compound that is extremely toxic to aquatic organisms (MSDS). Copper sulfate is “very toxic to aquatic organisms and may cause long term damage in the environment” (MSDS). Cobalt chloride “may cause damage to the upper respiratory tract, skin, eyes, and teeth” (MSDS).


The chemistry department has taken a new approach to this experiment most recently, thanks to Dr. Beth Jensen. This year the department decided to replace these harmful chemicals with Kool-Aid.  Kool-Aid is a non-hazardous mixture that provides color just as well as the previously mentioned compounds.  Kool-Aid does not negatively affect the environment or human health providing for a more environmentally and socially friendly experiment.

Sustainable Art
Sustainable Art
Implementation Status: The website is available on the Moose.
This initiative, proposed by the Student Senate and Deborah Eid and John Kroondyk, is to make art more widely displayed on campus. A web site has been developed to post on-campus locations desiring art through the Moose.
Art designed by students, faculty or staff can also be advertised through this web site. Art can be given as permanent donations, displayed for eventual sale or be donated temporarily. "Sustainable Art" was formally proposed on October 10, 2006. The proposal received a value rating of "4" in the Joint Sustainability Committee and was passed by the Student Senate on April 25, 2007. Interim Provost Don Chaffee formally approved the idea on October 2, 2007.
>>Download (pdf) the original proposal*
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