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Zero-Waste Initiative: Events and Competitions

Zero Waste Events Zero Waste Events
Students play a recycling relay game at Rock the Block, one of many Zero Waste Events. Each team had to correctly sort their bucket of waste into either recycling, composting,or trash. The winners were awarded candy! Zero Waste volunteers, Carly Dew and Ana Cujar, watch over the recycle, compost, and trash bins at Rock the Block. They helped event attendees properly dispose of their waste.
Hosting a Zero Waste Event

Are you hosting an event and would like to get involved in the zero waste initiative? Here are some action steps you can take to make your event a success!

  • Contact a Zero Waste Member for planning assistance
  • Request additional recycling and composting bins
  • Reduce paper use
  • Work with vendors to request use of compostable and recyclable products
  • Advertise "Zero Waste" and request volunteers

>More Information (pdf)

>Resources for Vendors (pdf)

Move-In (August 21, 2014):

The #new2AQ Green Crew, a group of volunteers focused on Zero Waste, assembled on Thursday August 21st to help incoming students and parents properly sort waste during move in. The zero waste effort was focused on St. Joe and Regina, where the bulk of move-ins occurred, and included special collections for styrofoam and thin-film plastic. (Please note: The thin-film plastic was a one time only collection, and is not acceptable in the ongoing special collections at this time.) Because of their hard work, we achieved a 95% diversion rate (by weight) at move-in. Congrats AQ!

Homecoming (September 27, 2014):

Homecoming 2014 once again served as an important opportunity for the Zero Waste Initiative. With the inclusion of students, staff, faculty, volunteers, and (perhaps most notably) alumni, Homecoming was a zero waste event, achieving a 90% diversion of waste!

>Past Zero Waste Events (pdf)
Zero Waste Competitions

Competition is always an effective tool to engage the student body. Sustainability programs like zero waste utilize competition to provide incentives for students to develop a personal investment in the programs and thus grow in their understanding of sustainability.

>Past Zero Waste Competitions (pdf)