Mission Statement

We, BRAVO!, seek an enriching partnership with the college and the community through the following endeavors: assisting with and helping to develop the theatre program in various capacities, community outreach and fundraising to provide opportunities for individuals to experience theatre, and group enrichment through theatrical endeavors.  By these actions we hope to serve our community while seeking to better ourselves as theatre artisans and community members.


We therefore undertake to coordinate, in conjunction with the Aquinas College Career and Counseling Center, the “Freshman Monologues,” and to support the AQ Improv troupe, “In Case of Emergency ,” with funding and advertising, and in other capacities as needed. As our charity of choice and the recipient of a portion of all funds raised by BRAVO! events, we have selected the local organization HIV/AIDS Services, Inc.

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BRAVO! Photo Gallery

Bravo Performances
"Boys Are Like Bobcats" "The Walnut"

"Eloise & Ray" by Stephanie Fleischmann.
Sept. 27-30, 2007 in the Doublewide Theatre. Directed

and performed by seniors Nadia Andrus, Lauren Greer,

Nick Milbratz. Photos by Jeremy Andrus and Mike Sell

"Tulle, Chiffon, Liberty, Silk"
"For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls" by Christopher Durang. Performed April 26-29, 2007 in the Doublewide Theatre. Directed by Christopher R Grooms, stage manager Nadia Andrus, with Stephanie Cavalier, Erin Clossen, Nick Milbratz, Adam Woolsey. Photos by Nadia Andrus
"How I Learned to Drive" "How I Learned to Drive"
"How I Learned to Drive" "How I Learned to Drive"
Dance Party
Pirates Dance Party at the Doublewide Theatre