Focus on Stephan Davis, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Theology

Stephan Davis

Stephan Davis, Ph.D.
Department of Theology
Associate Professor of Theology
319 Holmdene Hall
(616) 632-2848


Educational Background:

Ph.D. Marquette University, M.A. Fuller Theological Seminary, B.A. Concordia University (Christ College)

Current Courses Taught
TY 131 Bible as Story TY 211 Jesus and the Gospels
CA 200 Tolkien, Narnia and the Catholic Imagination TY 377 Languages of the Bible (Greek and Hebrew)
TY 140 Faith and Meaning TY 240 Theology of St. Paul

Dr. Stephan Davis, Associate Professor of Theology, has been at Aquinas College since 2004 teaching primarily biblical theology, biblical languages, CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien. His primary training has been in the linguistics of the Bible, including the study of Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Syriac, Coptic and even Ethiopic (Ge’ez). Stephan grew up in Southern California’s surf town, Huntington Beach. He played soccer, baseball and basketball in high school, but it turned out that he was best at tennis. He has been a life-long fan of the Packers and Lakers. His wife of 30+ years, Lynda, was his church youth group sweetheart. They have two children, Noah and Hana. Dr. Davis is a “hoister,” a devotee of the weight-room, where he has bench pressed 400 lbs. in his 30s and 40s, and hopes his recent shoulder injury does not prevent him from accomplishing it again in his 50s.

Research Interests

Although his Ph.D. research concerned the use of the Old Testament in the New Testament and the early Jewish roots of Christian theology, Dr. Davis has been fascinated since his undergraduate days by the myth that came true. That is, with JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis’s understanding of how the biblical Gospel story relates to the great stories or myths of humanity. Bible as Story (TY131) is his signature course, which draws 100-200 students per year. Dr. Davis’s book The Antithesis of the Ages: Paul’s Reconfiguration of Torah was published in 2002 by the Catholic Biblical Association.