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Where are our Women's Studies students now?

Heather Miller, 2010 Aquinas Graduate

Heather Miller

I graduated from Aquinas in 2010 and this last year I have been attending a graduate program at Western Michigan University. I am currently pursuing a Master of Art's in Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education focusing on Marriage, Couple and Family therapy. I ultimately will continue my education to become a certified Sex Therapist. The Master's I am currently pursuing is centered on developing an understanding of how the social construction of gender roles and gender role expectations impact the functioning of intimate partnerships. Additionally, I am pursuing work in therapeutic interventions for intimate partnerships to improve healthy sexual functioning. I will complete this Master's program in the Summer of 2012, at this point I will be a Licensed Professional counselor as well as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.


Emma Heemskerk, 2006 Aquinas Graduate

Emma Heemskerk

I graduated in 2006 with a degree in Studio Art along with a minor in Women's Studies. During my time at Aquinas, I worked in the Jane Hibbard Idema Women's Studies Center part-time for two years. I gained valuable work skills and experience as well as met some of my favorite feminist authors. While I enjoyed many art courses and explored many other interests at AQ, my women's studies courses were consistently the most thought-provoking, challenging, and rewarding.

Women's studies continues to be an integral part of my worldview and daily life. Since graduating from Aquinas, I have spent several years working for nonprofit organizations after relocating to Chicago, Illinois. I was recently accepted to the Masters in Urban Planning and Policy program at the University of Illinois at Chicago where I plan to concentrate in community and economic development and hope to even include an additional concentration in women's studies! I hope to someday influence public policy and legislation impacting women and girls in particular. I owe a lot of my career and personal growth to women's studies and would not take it back for the world! I encourage all students, men and women alike, to try at least one course in women's studies - you will not regret it!

Katie Jensen, Women's Studies Intern, 2004 Aquinas Graduate
Katie Jensen

I have been teaching English in Yangsan, South Korea, since August of 2005. I teach basic conversation skills to elementary school students aged 7-11, and soon I will be teaching some high school classes as well. I'm really grateful for the many experiences that I'm gaining from living and working in a foreign country. I'm getting valuable teaching experience, slowly attempting to learn a new language, and dealing with the difficulties that you encounter when you need to communicate in a language that you don't understand. And in the meantime, I'm trying lots of new (spicy!) foods and visiting cities, temples, and mountains. 


Living in Korea is a great experience, but it was not an easy move to make. There are no clothes dryers here and no shower curtains, and not speaking the language can feel very isolating at first.  My four years spent at Aquinas and my involvement in the Women's Studies program helped me gain the confidence that I needed to take advantage of this opportunity. I hope that current students will get involved with the Women's Studies program during their time at AQ.