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Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary academic curriculum that exposes students to women's historical and contemporary roles, their accomplishments, and their experiences in our society and across cultures.


The Jane Hibbard Idema Women's Studies Center at Aquinas prepares students to become catalysts for change and voices for feminist ideals, both in our society and around the globe. AQ Women's Studies faculty are as diverse as the field of Women's Studies. Not only do they have a range of interests, but they also each approach their commitment to teaching differently.


We've Moved!

The Women's Studies Center has moved to the second floor of the Academic Building. Come visit us in our new offices, AB 263 & 265.


Congratulations to Susan Haworth-Hoeppner for winning the Jane Addams Outstanding Service Award. >Read More

Outstanding AQ Woman Award Winners

Congratulations  to the winners of the 13th Annual Outstanding AQ Woman Awards, held on April 29, 2015. Student: Brooke Johnston; Staff: Julie Bevins; Faculty: Mary Hurd; Alumna: Sara Haviland ’95