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Links to Past Programming Foundations/Funds
Eating Disorders Promoting Women's Activism, Equality & Increased Participation in Society
Media Career Development
Sweatshops GLBT Activism
Other Women's Centers Global Activism
Michigan Women's Organizations Feminist Media
Grand Rapids Women's Organizations Supporting Women in the Arts
Research/Information on Women  
Links to Past Programming

The Clothesline Project -

Traffick Free -
Half the Sky Movement -
Marya Hornbacher: Author, journalist and mental health advocate -
Stacy Malkan, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics -,
Eating Disorders - The National Eating Disorder Information Center. - The Web site of Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention, INC.
Media - Information to help combat negative images in the media.
Sweatshops - Information on sweatshops and the businesses that use them.
Other Women's Studies Centers, Programs and Organizations
Grand Valley State University-Women's Center
Hope College-Women's Studies Program
Calvin College-Gender Studies Program
University of Michigan-Women's Studies Program
Michigan State University-Women's Studies Program
National Women's Studies Association
Supports feminist teaching, research and community service at all levels of education.
Michigan Women's Organizations
West Michigan Women's Studies Council
An intercollegiate and community organization that includes representative from Aquinas College, Calvin College, Davenport University, Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Valley State University, and Hope College, as well as individuals from the community.

The Progressive Women's Alliance of West Michigan

Influences public policy through the election of candidates and the advocacy of a progressive agenda.
The Michigan Women's Historical Center & Hall of Fame
Gives visibility to Michigan women artists, photographers, sculptors, etc.
Michigan Women's Commission
Set up through the Michigan Department of Civil Rights to improve the status of Michigan women through a variety of civil rights initiatives.
The League of Women Voters of Michigan
Nonpartisan organization that encourages citizen participation in government.
Michigan Gender Equity Team
Provides information, resources and sponsors projects to help make sure men and women get equal treatment at home, school and work.
Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
Week-long music festival in August that celebrates the diversity, strength and beauty of womyn.
Grand Rapids Women's Organizations
Grand Rapids Women's Resource Center
Advocate for women's economic and workplace equality that provides comprehensive employment services and acts as a catalyst for individual and social change.
YWCA of Grand Rapids
Offer services that respond to the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child sexual abuse, as well as health fitness programs that help families grow strong in body and mind and empowerment programs that allow girls to realize their potential.
Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women - provides business and economic training to women in transition.
Research and Information on Women
Center for American Women and Politics
National Women's History Project
An educational nonprofit organization that seeks to recognize and celebrate the diverse and historic accomplishments of women by providing information and educational materials and programs.
Center for Women's Business Research
Source of information about women business owners and their enterprises worldwide.
International Women's Media Foundation
Seeks to strengthen the role of women in the news media around the world through forums, studies and reports.
Center for Women Policy Studies
Conducts multiethnic and multicultural feminist research, policy analysis and advocacy in order to bring women's diverse voices to important debates.
National Council for Research on Women
Generates, facilitates and promotes visibility for feminist research and analysis and builds stronger links between research, policy, action, and the media.
Alice Paul Institute
Enhances public awareness of the life and work of Alice Paul, author of the Equal Rights Amendment

Other Feminist Activist Organizations and Websites

Foundations and Funds
Third Wave Foundation
Helps support the leadership of young women 15 to 30 by providing resources, public education, and relationship building opportunities.
American Association of University Women
MS. Foundation
National, multi-issue women's fund that directs resources of all kinds to cutting-edge projects that nurture girls' leadership skills, protect the health and safety of women, and provide low-income women with the tools to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.
Women's Funding Network
Worldwide partnership of women's funds, donors, and allies committed to social justice that seeks to ensure that women's funds are recognized as the "investment of choice" for people who value the full participation of women and girls.
Michigan Women's Foundation
Promotes economic self-sufficiency and personal well-being for women and girls by providing assistance and funds to nonprofit organizations serving women and girls, educating the general public policy makers and donors, and encouraging women and girls to exercise their responsibilities as philanthropists.
Nokomis Foundation
Seeks to create a stronger voice for women and girls through advocacy for the needs of girls and women; funding for organizations that serve women and girls; and opportunities to convene around gender-based issues.
Global Fund for Women
Advocates for and defends women's human rights by making grants to support women's groups around the world.
Promoting Women's Activism, Equality and Increased Participation in Society
Feminist Majority Foundation
Dedicated to women's equality, reproductive health and non-violence and utilizes research and action to empower women economically, socially, and politically.
Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill
National and international organization operating out of Mrs. Roosevelt's historic home and dedicated to perpetuating her courageous ideas and high ideals in the areas of human rights, social justice, gender and racial equality, youth education and development, conflict resolution and the pursuit of peace.
Women's Sports Foundation
Charitable educational organization dedicated to advancing the lives of girls and women through sports and physical activity.
Consciousness-raising portal of resources and information that supports women's equality, self-empowerment, wellness and safety.
Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO)
International advocacy network that seeks to increase the power of women worldwide as policymakers in governance and in policymaking institutions, forums and processes, at all levels, to achieve economic and social justice, a peaceful and healthy planet and human rights for all.
Dedicated to combating negative and distorted images of women in the media.
Career Development
Dress for Success
Provides interview suits, confidence boosts and career development to more than 45,000 women in over 75 cities each year.
9 to 5: National Association of Working Women
National, grassroots membership organization that strengthens women's ability to work for economic justice.
GLBT Activism
NGLTF - National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
National progressive organization working for the civil rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.
International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
U.S.-based non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) that seeks to secure the full enjoyment of the human rights of all people and communities subject to discrimination or abuse on the basis of sexual orientation or expression, gender identity or expression, and/or HIV status.
Global Activism
Center for Third World Organizing
Racial justice organization dedicated to building a social justice movement led by people of color.
Center for Women's Global Leadership
Promotes the leadership of women and advance feminist perspectives in policy-making processes in local, national and international arenas.
Feminist Media
Ms. Magazine
Award-winning magazine recognized nationally and internationally as the media expert on issues relating to women's status, women's rights, and women's points of view.
off our backs
Feminist news journal by, for, and about women.
Independently owned 24-hour cable television network for women.
Supporting Women in the Arts
Women Make Movies
Multicultural, multiracial, non-profit media arts organization which facilitates the production, promotion, distribution and exhibition of independent films and videotapes by and about women.
Feminist Press
Nonprofit literary and educational publisher dedicated to publishing work by and about women.
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