Women's Studies  



Gender Studies Club

Mission: To identify, discuss and respond to issues surrounding gender.


The Gender Studies Club sponsors informational tables, discussion groups, speakers and programs to raise awareness and provide accurate information to students and the general public about issues pertaining to gender.

All the programs and information sessions are a compilation of student efforts. Students are encouraged to get involved by e-mailing The Jane Hibbard Idema Women's Studies Center at womenscenter@aquinas.edu or by calling the Center at (616) 632-2979.

Feminist Panel Discussion

November 30, 2011 in the Moose Cafe

Feminist Panel Discussion

Panel Members: Dr. Kathy Kremer, Dr. Jennifer Dawson and Dr. Shellie Rottschafer

The purpose of the feminist panel is to present Aquinas faculty and their experiences, opinions, and perceptions about feminism. 

Panel members are asked questions to target some main themes in regards to feminism - what feminism is, the common negative perceptions of feminism and how to counter those perceptions, and the theoretical grounding and analysis that supports feminist action to attain social equality for all people.

Feminist Panel Discussion



Panel members (left to right): Dr. Kremer, Dr. Dawson, Dr. Rottschafer;


Far left: Discussion facilitator, AQ student, and Gender Studies Club Secretary, Mariah Kennedy


Feminist Panel Discussion Feminist Panel Discussion
Audience members of the feminist panel discussion Audience members of the feminist panel discussion