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Typical Session

Our Philosophy

The AQ Writing Center understands writing to be a process.  We believe “good” writing is not a “gift” given to some individuals and denied others.  It is, instead, a craft which individuals develop over time, and all writers - regardless of current skill level, writing experience, or academic discipline - benefit from receiving feedback from intelligent readers and engaging in conversations about their writing.

The Writing Center at Aquinas is a free service provided to support all AQ student-writers at any stage of the writing process. Whether you are writing an undergraduate essay, revising a senior thesis, composing creative prose or poetry, or updating a cover letter or resume, our highly trained staff is here to assist you. From brainstorming a topic to narrowing a thesis statement, organizing ideas, considering the proper use of citations, revising a draft, or proofing a final paper, the Writing Center can help you achieve your goals. Based on a model of writing consultancy, which emphasizes the collaborative nature of writing at all stages of the writing process, our Writing Center consultants meet with students in one-to-one consulting sessions, which typically last about 30 minutes.

During your session at the Writing Center, you will work one-on-one with a writing center consultant to identify your writing strengths and weaknesses and clearly and effectively express your ideas.
During a typical session, you can focus/work on:
  • Brainstorming
  • Research
  • Essays
  • Longer papers
  • Organizing ideas
  • Revising Drafts
  • Utilizing Citations/Quotations/References
  • Editing assistance for Cohesion, Usage, and Punctuation
  • Creative prose or poetry
  • Presentations
  • Résumés & Cover Letters
…Or any other writing project!  Writing center consultants are available to work with you at any stage in your writing process, from conception to completion.
To get the most out of your appointment, please:
  • Bring your project (any notes or drafts you have already begun).
  • Bring a copy of your assignment.
  • Bring yourself! (The Writing Center consults with students; you are integral to the process.)
  • Remember to leave enough time after your session to develop & revise your work.