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What People are Saying About the Writing Center


I just wanted to thank you (again) for helping me with my cover letter and resume for my internship application last year! I had an amazing summer, and at the end of it, my boss commended me on my work and informed me that 27 people had applied for the Non-Profit Management and Development Internship, but that I was the only one interviewed. My cover letter (the first one I had ever written!) that I had worked on with you in the Writing Center set me apart, and with my resume, they didn't want to consider anyone else. I will definitely be utilizing the Writing Center more often!  - Erica Utter


My consultation led me to ask questions that I haven't been able to consider. It was more objective, which was something I needed.  - Elizabeth Sensing


Very helpful. She helped with organizing information and how to structure paragraphs within a scientific paper. - Nick Pierce


Today's consultation helped me refine my last minute rough draft of my paper. The feedback was helpful and I am sure that using it will bring a bit more life into my paper.  - Morgan Amick


[The consultant} was extremely helpful in guiding me in the direction I wanted to go. He also directed me to the correct way of citing my MLA paper. Very helpful and I definitely will be coming back.  - Sydney Metey


My conversation helped me organize my thoughts, so I could see where I was going. - Matt Majinksa


Visiting the Writing Center really helped! Gave me some great insight and perspective on what direction to take and helped relieve quite a bit of the stressful nature of my writing! Thanks so much.  - Josh E.R.


Today's writing consultation was very helpful and valuable. It helped me form better ideas for my paper and allowed me to get a better perspective on how my paper should be written. I liked that it is one on one and that you could talk about the concerns that you personally had about your paper.  - Emily Rodriguez


[The consultant] helped me see different ways I could form my personal statement for medical school. - Anastasia McRoberts


This consultation was helpful in allowing me to see which aspects needed to be developed more in my writing. I received helpful tips to improve my writing. - Stacy Boguszewski