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    Academic and Learning Services

A Tour of Academic & Learning Services

We’re here to make your experience of learning at Aquinas successful! There are many resources and services that are available to you on our campus, from improving grades, to writing a college paper, listening to you if you are experiencing trouble studying, and providing academic accommodations.
We work closely with the whole Aquinas community, staff and faculty to ensure you have access to the best advice, support and wider community resources. Our staff is highly skilled, approachable and knowledgeable.
We will support and guide you in becoming the successful student you know you can be.

Contact Us

Accessibility Services: (616) 632-2177
ESL & Global Student Services: (616) 632-2169
Peer Tutoring Services: (616) 632-2170
Success Strategies: (616) 632-2167
Student Support Services: (616) 632-2163
Writing Center: (616) 632-2168