The Insignis Program has a proud history of excellent undergraduate education, offering high-achieving students academic challenges that encourage them to rise to their intellectual potential. The program also provides cultural and social enrichment activities at little or no cost to members.

Insignis students have earned a well-deserved reputation as student leaders at Aquinas College. Frequently named recipients of the College’s top awards because of their success in the classroom paired with their extensive community service, program members impress Aquinas faculty, graduate schools, and future employers with their broad range of achievements.

Program graduates boast impressive graduate school placement rates that approach 100% of those applying.
Insignis graduates go on to greatness, locally and nationally, with careers as physicians, lawyers, journalists, dentists, teachers, professors, therapists and even a professional dancer.
Faculty mentors prepare students to present research at international,national, regional, local and Aquinas conferences.
Students have the opportunity to register for classes and indicate their accommodation preferences early.
Insignis students enroll in general education courses designed for the academic rigor that honors students require.
Insignis offers interdisciplinary learning opportunities in seminars on topics chosen by the students themselves including examining superheroes and myth, Lord of the Rings and Tolkien’s Catholic imagination, bioethics, terrorism and American cultural history.
The program assists students with funding for academic endeavors by defraying costs to students for participation in Model United Nations,for conference fees and travel costs, and for graduate test registration fees.
Members enjoy special trips and outings at little or no cost to them,such as the Adler Planetarium of Chicago, the Grand Rapids Symphony and Grand Rapids Ballet and local theater.
Seniors design their own research projects with the guidance of a faculty mentor in their discipline.
Free Food Friday—the first Friday of every month—is a popular event where Insignis students enjoy free breakfast as they chat with their peers.