Accessibility Services at Aquinas College

Implementing Note-Taking Accommodations

Some students may qualify for note-taking accommodations such as audio recording lectures, using note-taking technology, or receiving note-taker services. You will know if you have these accommodations if they’re listed on your accommodation letter.

Audio Recording: First, discuss the accommodation with your professor to confirm how you will record (you may want to sit closer to the front, or place your recording device nearer to the instructor). You may use your own recording device to record classes (digital recording device, phone, laptop). There may be times the professor will ask you not to record if sensitive material is being discussed in class, but in general, you should be allowed to record. Questions about this can be directed to the Director of Accessibility Services.

Note-Taker: Students with this accommodation listed on their letter can make requests for a note-taker by completing the Note-taker request form. Students should complete this request form two weeks prior to note-taking services are needed when possible (we do our best to expedite the note-taking process). Setting up note-taker services involves several interactive steps between Accessibility Services, course instructors, potential note-taking students, human resources, and you. Start by completing this form.If your class has a lab, the lab counts as a separate class (make one request for the lab, and a separate request for the class).

Note-taking technology: Any student can support their note-taking process by using note-taking technology and apps. For more information, check out our assistive technology section, or come by the office when one of our student assistive tech specialists are in (call 616-632-2166 or drop by 103 Wege to find the hours).