Accessibility Services at Aquinas College

Note Taking Accommodation Overview

  1. Students can make requests for a note-taker by completing the Note-taker request form online (this accommodation request is only available to a very small number of students who have been previously approved for the accommodation).
  2. When a request comes in, Accessibility Services reviews the request and emails the student who requested through the email to confirm the request is received and that we are moving forward by contacting the professor.
  3. Accessibility Services emails the indicated professor with a request for a note taker and provides clear steps for making this happen, along with information about how a note-taker can get paid a stipend for their services.
  4. Professors are asked to direct students who are interested to the Accessibility Services Office for more information pertaining to requirements and responsibilities. This can be done via in class announcement, email, or CourseConnect.
  5. If we have not heard back a confirmation within 2 days, we send the email again. After two attempts, the student assistant will notify The Director who will additionally reach out if a note-taker has not been identified.
  6. Once the note-taker has been identified, we proceed by hiring the note-taker and providing them with clear steps on sharing notes anonymously with the accommodated student.

* The identity of the student(s) receiving notes should be kept confidential.