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In the interest of keeping our students and staff healthy in response to COVID-19 as the college transitions to distance learning, Accessibility Services is setting and holding all appointments virtually. Our on campus testing center will remain closed for the remainder of the semester but will continue to offer support and guidance for testing accommodations. See below for more information and resources. 

If there are questions or concerns from either students or faculty regarding how to use and provide accommodations in a distance learning setting, please contact us. 

  • Shani Feyen, Director of Accessibility Services:, for overall accommodation questions, accommodation letters, needs assessments, and support
  • Allie McCahill:, for testing questions, textbook access, Sonocent, general questions and support

Please continue to check back with us for updates and additional resources during the coming weeks. We are here to support you however we can. 



All accessibility appointments will be held virtually through google hangouts, or by phone. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with Accessibility, please email us. 

Accommodation Letters

Most accommodations will continue in a distance learning setting. If you need an electronic copy of your letter for a new quad, or have questions about how your accommodations will apply to your online classes, email Shani.

Testing Accommodations- Extended Test Time 

You can still access extended time on any online timed quiz, test, or learning activity in your class, but the testing center here will be closed until further notice. Please remind your professor to adjust any settings you may have for your online tests. 

Testing Accommodations- Virtual Exam Reader Requests

If you are a student who is eligible for this accommodation and would like to make a request for a virtual exam reader appointment (during normal business hours) with our Testing Coordinator, submit a request using the Student Request form for Virtual Exam Reader. Please note that both student and instructor need to fill out the appropriate request form at least 3 days prior to the exam. You will be contacted within 24 hours of submitting your request with details and next steps. 

Contact Allie McCahill ( for assistance. 


Testing Accommodations- Extended Test Time

Extended test time accommodations should be provided by the course Instructor for all tests taken via CourseConnect.

Testing Accommodations- Virtual Exam Reader Requests

We encourage faculty to consider one of the following solutions for assisting students with exam reader accommodations in an online class setting:  

  • Send students with exam reader accommodations their test questions in an accessible document so that they can use a screen reader to listen to their exam questions.
  • Record yourself reading each test question aloud (using Google Hangout) and sharing the link to the video for the class to temporarily access it during the exam. 
  • Schedule a Google Hangout Meeting with the student. This is especially important for courses with technical terminology or words that should be pronounced in a specific way. 

If all alternative options have been explored, you can fill out the Faculty Request Form for Virtual Exam Reader to request a virtual exam reader appointment with our Testing Coordinator, Allie McCahill (, using Google Hangout, Zoom, or Google Voice (Phone). 

Accessible Course Materials for Online Learning: 

Resources for Both Faculty and Students:


In concert with the Aquinas College mission, the Accessibility Services staff works to ensure equal access to all programs and services for students with disabilities. We promote self-advocacy in students as they pursue their goals.



Shani headshot Shani Feyen
Director of Accessibility Services
Student Support Services
Aquinas College
Office: Wege Center 103C
Phone: (616) 632-2177

ADA Compliance Officer: Brad Winkler, Phone: (616) 632-1997, Email:

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8:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday (during Fall and Spring Semesters) in Lower Wege Office 103 

Phone: (616) 632-2177

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