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Aquinas Policy on Dual Credit

Applicants for admission to Aquinas College may have completed previous college courses in dual enrollment, middle college, or early college programs. Our accrediting body, The Higher Learning Commission, defines these completed courses as dual credit:

"courses taught to high school students for which the students receive both high school credit and college credit. These courses or programs are offered under a variety of names (i.e. Middle College & Dual Enrollment); the Criteria on "dual credit" apply to all of them as they involve the accredited institution's responsibility for the quality of its offerings." (The Higher Learning Commission, April 2014)

At Aquinas College we classify incoming students consistent with the Integrated Postsecondary Data System (IPEDS). Those classified as first-time students are entering a postsecondary institution as an undergraduate for the first time after receiving their high school diploma. This includes students with dual credit earned before they graduated from high school, or an associate degree earned before or at the same time as high school graduation. Completing courses in the summer following high school graduation before entering Aquinas in the Fall does not impact first-time student classification.

Incoming students who complete a high school diploma at the same time as an associate degree are classified as freshman students. Incoming students who completed a high school diploma before an associate degree are classified as transfer students. For example, an incoming student who completed their high school diploma and then remained an additional year to complete an associate degree in a middle-college program is classified as a transfer student, not a first-time student.

A first-time student has standing based on the number of college credits completed, including dual credit accepted by Aquinas. For example, a first-time student who completed several college courses or an associate degree while in high school might enter with sophomore or junior class standing.

For further information, please contact the Aquinas College Admissions Office at (616) 632-2860.