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College Work Study / Employment

Student Employment

All student employment opportunities are on the Aquinas College campus.

Job Openings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Worker Pay Plan
Aquinas will pay student workers at least $8.15 per hour. In addition to this new base rate, select student worker jobs requiring job-related training, special competency, student leadership, third shift work or hazardous work may be eligible for a premium.

How to Apply:

  • Download the online Job Openings to review job postings.
  • Find a job that matches your interests and qualifications.
  • Contact the department listed in the posting.
  • Send the department a Job Application (pdf).
  • Departments schedule interviews and extend job offers.

After the Job Offer:

  • Download and complete the Student Employment Packet (pdf).
  • Collect the verification documents listed on the I-9 form.
  • Deliver completed forms and verification documents to the Holmdene Reception Desk.
  • One of the student ambassadors working at the reception desk will copy your documents and collect your forms.

Additional Information: