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Mentoring Program Survey

Thank you for your participation in the Aquinas Mentorship Network Program We would like to have your opinion of the mentor program so that we may evaluate and strengthen our program for the future.

ExcellentVery GoodGoodPoor
How would you rate the mentorship program so far? *
How would you describe the quality of your experience as a participant in the program? *
How would you describe your relationship with your mentee/mentor? *
YesSomewhatNot MuchNo
Do you think that the time you have spent so far with your mentee/mentor has been sufficient? *
I would have preferred to meet less often with my mentee/mentor. *
I would have preferred to meet more often with my mentee/mentor. *
Do you feel like you are working towards the goals you have established at your first meeting? *
Do you feel you are giving enough advice/receiving enough advice about a career path? *
Have you gained personally from this relationship so far? *
Have you gained professionally from this relationship so far? *
Do you feel we have been made the right the match? *
Would you have liked additional training for mentors/mentees? *
(Please be candid in assessing yourself and your program partner as to whether you feel that you have been responsive, helpful, inspiring, and supportive of each other this year.)